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Sierra Davies
Director of Search & Digital Media


Analytical, gullible, and always ready to chat about bikes, trees, and the mountains (where’d you think she got her name?)

Although she’s a math nerd and spreadsheets enthusiast, Sierra Davies would rather be away from her computer—specifically in pine-forested mountains, where she can ride her mountain bike, swim in alpine lakes, or admire colorful wildflowers with her family and friends.

Sierra grew up in Placerville, CA, but moved to Reno to attend the University of Nevada, Reno, where she earned her bachelor of science in finance and her master of business administration. To support herself and apply what she was learning in class, she started her first marketing business at the age of 19 and successfully oversaw its operations for five years. Upon graduation, she decided to move on to a larger agency: KPS3.

She first joined our crew in 2017 as a digital project manager before finding her true passion in the realm of marketing data and analysis as a search and digital media specialist. The pivot occurred after Sierra picked up her first Google Ads client and saw the results she could generate nearly overnight by employing thoughtful strategy and skilled platform knowledge.

After two and a half years, Sierra took a hiatus to travel in her 2000 Fun Mover toy hauler motorhome and gain more skills freelancing and account managing at other agencies. On her adventure, she learned to live with few possessions and collect experiences instead. (A few notable memories? Seeing moose up close and getting woken up in the middle of the night by cows using their motorhome as a scratching post.)

But Sierra found her way back to KPS3—and a home in Oregon—in 2021, when we welcomed her back as one of our search and digital media managers. She makes a great teammate because she is truly happy to answer any questions her fellow KPS3ers might have (as she is an unapologetic question-asker herself) and always seeks ways to make people smile.

Now it’s time for your quiz! Where does Sierra live?

  1. Reno, duh (nope, but she did for a decade)
  2. In a motorhome, roaming somewhere in the west (occasionally)
  3. Portland, probably? (not a big city gal)
  4. Grants Pass, OR (correct!)

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