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Jessie Sublette
Growth Marketing Manager


Will always have your back, unless your dog is there… then she’ll have the dog’s back

Jessie Sublette is living her best life—and she attributes that to not only being hired at KPS3, but also taking a leap of faith that took her across the country to Blacksburg, Virginia. After growing up outside of Sacramento, California, and living in Reno, Nevada for over seven years, she wanted to explore more of the world with her partner, Chase, and pups. She takes a lot of pride in stepping so far outside her comfort zone.

Jessie also takes pride in creating organized spreadsheets and analyzing data to provide her clients with strategic insights. She didn’t think she would end up in the SEO/DMM world but loves every minute of it.

In college, Jessie pivoted between majors a lot—until a friend who was studying PR suggested she take marketing classes. Jessie received her B.A. in journalism with an emphasis in strategic communications from the University of Nevada, Reno. After graduation, her professional career consisted of working for large casino resorts, small startups, and everything in between. She was recruited to KPS3 in 2021 as a search and digital media specialist (where she successfully balances her work with teasing her coworkers about their taste in music).

Jessie’s mornings start with a workout (whether it’s riding on her Peloton or lifting weights), a shower, a light breakfast, and a true crime podcast. While she loves an edge-of-her-seat story about true crime, the sound of someone popping their knuckles is really the only thing that sends a chill down her spine

When she isn’t optimizing sites or listening to true crime, Jessie is enjoying the company of her partner, her two dogs, and her best friends (preferably on the beach or at a lake). She feels most like herself in these moments—especially if she’s sipping a glass of wine and reading a book on her Kindle.

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