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Brittany Silva
VP of Client Strategy


An outdoors enthusiast with a passion for food, wine, and positivity

Brittany Silva is someone who always seeks to understand something—a project, a partner, or a recipe—completely, making her perfect for strategic marketing. She strives to cut through the noise and make an impact. That’s why we’re happy to have Brittany as one of KPS3’s VPs of Client Strategy.

After working as a Marketing Specialist for a Toronto ballast manufacturer (if you can market a ballast, you can market anything…) and later as Tomauri’s lead for brand, product, and e-commerce, Brittany realized how much she enjoyed creating brands from start to finish. In 2016 she relocated to Reno, Nevada, and dove into the community head-first. (And we don’t just say dove in head-first because she’s a go-getter. Brittany feels most like herself when in a lake or ocean. It’s possible she was a fish in a past life.)

In Reno, Brittany worked at D4 and then Ruby Seven Studios, expertly catering to all the needs of her clients, from CRM flows and awareness campaigns to website design and content.

She was driven to KPS3 for our culture, seeking a company that pushes the boundaries and genuinely cares for the well-being of all employees. Brittany loves building teams and supporting people’s development, both in personal and career goals. Regardless of the challenge at hand, her reliability and adaptability help her team move forward with a plan—and a whole lot of encouragement.

While there are quite a few activities Brittany will never do again—including eating stinky tofu or cutting her hair herself—the main thing she won’t do is dwell in negativity. She credits her confidence in part to her husband, Garrett, whose belief that she can do anything is so strong, she believes it too… hence why she fearlessly tackled making her own egg yolk ravioli. Yup, that dish they always have as a pressure test on MasterChef (and, by all accounts, she definitely is one).

Some notable achievements include building and launching a backpack brand that became a top seller in Canada, receiving her MBA in 2019 from the University of Nevada, Reno, and being president of the American Marketing Association (AMA). She’d also raise a glass—filled with cabernet or red blend wine—if the Toronto Maple Leafs won a Stanley Cup. (If you can do anything, Brit, so can they.)

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