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Ashley Chisam
Associate Art Director


Happiest when playing video games with her cat by her side

Ashley Chisam has always led with her creative side, ever since she started doodling as a child. After taking a studio art class in high school, Ashley was hooked—but at the time, she didn’t know the graphic design profession existed and originally went to college to pursue a different career. Looking back on all the hard work and visible progress was so rewarding that she eventually found her way back into the arts.

While completing her portfolio during her last year at Truckee Meadows Community College, Ashley was hired by OCG Creative as a designer. Ashley loved being part of an ever-evolving industry where finding solutions and thinking creatively go hand-in-hand. After a year at OCG, Ashley made her way to KPS3 in 2016 and continues to step up to whatever challenge gets thrown at her to get the work done in the most creative ways possible. Ask her about her cow suit idea for Northern Nevada Dairy Farmers!

Here at KPS3, Ashley does so much more than design. From concepting campaigns and developing visual narratives to creating better user experience solutions, Ashley is passionate about solving problems and is always willing to lend a helping hand. A lover of all things aesthetic with an almost superhuman ability for multitasking, meeting deadlines, and asking questions that most of us would probably overlook, Ashley can always bring a fresh perspective to any project (and lots of facial expressions, too).

Ashley gains much of her inspiration from things that you can find organically in the world, so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that hiking and traveling are her favorite things to do. As someone who’s constantly learning as much about their craft as humanly possible, she believes that any artist can optimize their elements, regardless of the medium. (That’s exactly how she earned the platinum achievement for Elden Ring. It’s all about problem-solving.)

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