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Kyla Hutchison
Senior Designer


Dog mom, wilderness explorer, and Jill-of-all-creative-trades

When asked what type of coworker she was, Kyla Hutchison compared herself to Ted Lasso: compassionate, adaptable, and relentlessly positive. Her personality shines through in her story-driven designs and personal photography as well as her collaboration style with coworkers and clients alike. It was just what we were looking for in a senior designer.

Kyla graduated from college in 2011 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Her career path was inspired by her grandfather, who was a designer for Ford and Detroit Lions team. (He also is the cause of her life motto: “It’s nice to be nice.”)

For a decade, Kyla worked at several agencies, where she used psychology and storytelling to move audiences. She also started her own company, Hutch Designs, at the beginning of 2023. Including serving brands as a contractor, she has three accomplishments she’s quite proud of:

  • Kyla earned an international Silver Graphis Award for her work on behalf of Big Cat Rescue. It was a pivotal moment early in her career when she realized the power of visual communication in addressing world issues.
  • She was involved in designing evidence-based recidivism programs for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, which were featured as successful initiatives in the First Step Act of 2021.
  • Kyla rescued her Pitbull/Cattle dog, Juniper, from a local shelter and has learned so much in their time together, such as how to appreciate the little things, how to be fully present, and how to balance on a paddleboard with a pup between her feet.

Her passion for art is equal to her love for nature. The great outdoors is where she feels most like herself as an avid paddleboarder, hiker, photographer, backpacker, and skier. (Juniper is always at her side, of course!)

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