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Lauren Hober
Account Manager


Summer girl who loves nothing more than her dog, her friends, and a dip in cold water

Born in Guam, raised in Las Vegas, and currently residing in Reno, Lauren Hober is no stranger to traveling the world (and planning thorough itineraries as she goes). After graduating from the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno, she traipsed around Africa and Europe for a year. Part of exploring new countries and cultures is meeting new people—and, as an empathetic and caring individual, Lauren loves connecting with others.

In fact, this skill is one of the many reasons why we welcomed her aboard in 2023 as one of our account managers. Lauren’s drive for finding success as a team and ridding workflows of obvious inefficiencies will help develop trust in internal and client relationships.

It’s been a pretty wild ride for Lauren. She gained experience in marketing early on when she worked at University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) and Little Waldorf Saloon. Once she returned to the States from her various travels, she worked at Patagonia, SCHED, and Noble Studios. Her vast experience helps her not only create results-oriented strategies and a stellar client experience, but also an inclusive, joyous work environment for everyone to thrive in.

Lauren is the life of the party, at work or in her inner circle. She loves quite a few things, so allow us to break them down for you:

  • Hanging out with her friends at dinner parties, on trips, and at their annual film festival
  • Asking her labradoodle, Poppy, where she got the audacity to be so cute
  • Reading fiction books (though she’s pushing herself to read more nonfiction)
  • Practicing her flower-arranging skills at home or at a local workshop
  • Being part of the Big Brothers Big Sister program
  • Anything to do with music, such as curating playlists and attending concerts

If you ever need a quick laugh, homemade treats, a new tune for your workout playlist, or someone to plan your next vacation for you, hit up Lauren. (Disclaimers: She does not promise the goodies will be any good, BUT her itineraries will be packed with so many thoughtful and thrilling touches that you might just want to invite her along.)

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