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Shyene Joubert


Storyteller and bubble tea maniac who’s hellbent on upholding Scattergories rules

Now, this may sound a little crazy, but Shyene Joubert has actively pursued writing as her career since she was in 6th grade—and we love the dedication. Storytelling and its power to influence people fascinate her. Agency life allows her to learn, create, and improve every day. And for someone who loves challenges, it’s no secret she’s the perfect fit for a copywriting role at KPS3. (Speaking of challenges, she also enjoys card and board games—and hasn’t been beaten at Scattergories in years. Go figure.)

In 2018, Shyene graduated cum laude with a B.A. in English with a writing specialization and a nutrition minor from the University of Nevada, Reno. To pay for school, she worked a handful of jobs simultaneously across industries (her work ethic is truly out of this world). In fact, that combined with her creative writing skills earned Shyene an all-inclusive scholarship to the Surprise Valley Writers’ Conference, where she spent three days workshopping and camping among the California poppies on the event hosts’ front lawn.

One of her top career highlights so far was landing a freelance assistant editor position with Emerging Ink Solutions after only one written interview. After a stint in San Francisco, she moved back to Reno in 2022 to accept her role as a copywriter.

A creature of routine, Shyene rarely misses a date with her oatmeal. She rises early to get all she can out of the day; in the morning, you can find her mulling over Wordle, working out, reading manga, or cycling. (She’s on a mission to look like Maki from Fire Force and obtain Vegeta-level confidence.)

Some of her most defining characteristics include her empathy and her work ethic (we’re trying to get her to stop eating at her desk and actually take a break). She feels best when she’s laughing with her sister, completing a project, or writing a short story.

You’ll most likely find Shyene attending concerts, artmaking, rock climbing, sewing, watching reality TV or anime, traveling, and eating. Food is her love language, and she adores a good Thai tea or almond milk tea with boba. She’s proud to say she’s cut back from two a week to every month.

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