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Olive Giner
Public Relations Specialist


Built their own PC to experience zombie and rogue-like dungeon crawler games

Olive Giner has harnessed their passion of amplifying clients' voices as an account & public relations coordinator at KPS3 since 2022. They were promoted to public relations specialist in 2024.

Determined, ambitious, and empathetic, Olive was exposed to the world of marketing and account management through their mentor—our very own Brittany Rubenau—at KPS3’s one-day externship program.

Olive ventured from their hometown in Las Vegas up north to earn their bachelor of arts in journalism with a concentration in public relations and a minor in cultural anthropology at the University of Nevada, Reno. They graduated magna cum laude in 2023 and was one of four featured undergraduate speakers at UNR’s API Affinity Graduation. Additionally, Olive served as a board member of the Public Relations Student Society of America during their undergrad and earned the AAF Reno Outstanding Student in Strategic Communications Award during their time in college.

One thing they are passionate about is effectively communicating via real stories; they believe that people’s intersectionalities offer crucial perspectives to any strategy. As they grow in their career, Olive will continue to help clients translate their values to better connect with audiences and to learn about a wide array of industries.

When Olive isn’t at the office, you’ll find them reading One Piece, listening to KPOP, or going to the movies (Inception, Howl’s Moving Castle, and The Raid: Redemption are their top three favorites). Olive has an appreciation for all kinds of music. Growing up as a violinist in orchestras, Olive has an affinity for jazz and metal. They're happy to explain why it's reminiscent of classical music—just ask!

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