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Montana Routsis
Growth Marketing Specialist


Rebel artist with a reputation for being straight-laced that’s actually a firecracker once you get to know her

Montana won’t ever permit herself to fit into a box.

When she started reflecting on her past job experiences she asked herself a pretty profound question, “What inspires my curiosity at work? What makes me happy?” She soon realized the world of metrics, data, and insights are what fascinated her the most—but for their ability to tell the story of human truths and what influences them. Luckily, her passion for understanding and analyzing facts and figures was just what we were looking for when it came to finding another search and digital media specialist. We welcomed Montana to the team in 2022.

Whether Montana was working as a jewelry design & sales specialist, criminal & family law legal assistant, or an art curator, she proposed new ideas to her employers in order to further explore her zeal for marketing. From taking over all social media platforms and redesigning their websites to writing SEO-focused content and spearheading their paid advertisements, Montana has always blazed her own trail when it came to pursuing a work environment she could truly learn and thrive in.

She’s also the type of coworker that will always have time for a soapbox rant about anime (like how the physical characteristics of a character are an unspoken secret language that defines their archetype), true crime, conspiracy theories, slow walkers, or why the volume on any device *must* be set to an odd number. And although Montana may have a reputation for being straight-laced—when she’s comfortable—you better believe she can be one of the most energetic people in the room.

Once a vehement avoider of painting at all costs, Montana eventually taught herself how after graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno (because getting a large printing press to continue printmaking after graduation just wasn’t in the cards). Since then, Montana’s hosted both solo art shows and group exhibitions as well as commissioned artwork. She would paint every day if she wasn’t so captivated by digital marketing (we’re really glad she is though).

Certifications & Awards:

  • Received both a Golden Key and American Voices award for her first published poem, “Our Hearts Are Sick.
  • Recipient of the President’s Volunteer Service Award for volunteering in Thailand at an animal rehabilitation center

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