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Kacey Fowler
Account Coordinator


Chaotic gardener, marketing enthusiast, & world traveler

A caregiver to over 50 houseplants, Kacey Fowler knows a thing or two about project management. She knows which need to be watered and when, how to help if one is looking particularly sad, and how to place them around her home so they can thrive. And wouldn’t you know it—these organization, problem-solving, and strategic thinking skills are well-suited for our account management team!

Kacey joined our squad in 2024 as an account coordinator. She’s excited to work on a variety of projects, collaborate with each division at our agency, and build strong client relationships.

Before coming aboard, she worked for Inkblot Marketing for ~3 years, where she led communication efforts for ASUN. When she wasn’t in their office, Kacey juggled two more jobs, her involvement with American Marketing Association (AMA), and her full-time studies. She graduated with summa cum laude honors in dual degrees—marketing and management—in 2023. Her drive pushed her to enroll in an accelerated master of business administration program, which she will finish in 2024.

The determination Kacey feels coupled with her innate curiosity has led her to many wonderful opportunities, such as an abundance of international travels (Austria, Switzerland, Singapore, and Costa Rica to name a few), being part of a Polynesian dance group, and truly meaningful mentorships.

She finds time to feed her curiosity often, and we do mean that literally. Kacey is a huge foodie! At one point, she attended a magnet school and was trained in both culinary and pastry arts. Next on her list of things to conquer? Sourdough bread made from scratch.

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