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Brook Bentley
Account Director


In search of the next great adventure, cup of coffee, and client strategy

Places you can find Brook Bentley:

  1. On the mountain (either skiing or biking)
  2. On a trail (running at least 7.5 mi. to Nelly)
  3. Anywhere that sells coffee around 3 PM
  4. Next to her dog, Biggie Smalls, at one of her favorite breweries
  5. At the soccer field
  6. At her computer, ensuring our teams have what they need to succeed and that our clients are insanely happy (we have receipts)

Drawn to communications, Brook found her way into agency life. In 2011, she received her bachelor's degree in journalism and media studies from San Diego State University and then, in 2019, her master of business administration from the University of Nevada, Reno. Going back to school helped her hone in on what she really wanted to do. (The chaos of working and attending school full-time was all worth it.)

Before joining KPS3 in 2019, Brook was the product manager at Everything Nevada, where she combined her love for the beauty of our state with her skills in SEO, social media, and email marketing strategies. She then worked at Sierra Nevada Media Group, where she was the social media and digital content manager. There, she developed and maintained content marketing for both local and national clients.

Being an account director is a delicate balancing act between internal teams and clients. Luckily,  Brook is always up for a challenge—and quite the athlete—the perfect pairing for keeping everyone aligned and working towards the same goal. Reliability paired with strong relationship-building skills is how Brook creates a positive work environment.

She’s known for her results-driven approach to marketing; in fact, it's how she founded a content partnership with KUNR and landed a spot there on a regular basis. Her strategies are backed by analytics and research, which help clients to expand their resources and better serve their communities.

Brook lives by the phrase “It is what it is.” It's what helps her to keep pushing forward to make marketing magic happen, no matter what curveballs are thrown her way (we told you she was an athlete, didn't we? How else could she get everything done and still have time to enjoy a much-deserved beer afterward?) She also embodies our core value of never settling and never being finished—visiting over 40 countries and striving to learn more sports is proof of that!

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