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Jonathan Rutheiser
Senior Technical Director


Stayed up past his bedtime as a child to teach himself programming languages

Jonathan joined KPS3 in 2013 as a front-end developer and helps our digital team create top-notch websites and applications. With more than eight years of front- and back-end web development experience, Jonathan brings a diverse and creative skill set to the KPS3 team. He is fluent in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Jonathan began building websites when he was 13 years old, and when he was only 16, Jonathan created a Twitter-like nano-blog called that had more than half a million users and was picked up by TechCrunch. When he was still in high school, the investors came knocking on his door, but Jonathan wasn’t in the mood for a merger so he eventually took the site down and moved on.

Jonathan is inspired by new technology, learning new programming languages and the idea that awesome websites (like great music) create a shared experience for people from all stripes, all over the world. (Hey, we like that idea, too, Jonathan.) He gets his daily fuel from a wide range of caffeinated products, but will never turn down a simple cup of black coffee.

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