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Jena Esposito
Senior Public Relations Manager


Quick-witted, fun-loving storyteller who loves testing new flavors in the kitchen

If money was no object, Jena Esposito, APR, would sit on a yacht in the Mediterranean, drinking wine and eating cheese before diving off to explore the islands. Until she becomes filthy rich, she enjoys working in PR and telling stories that highlight the humans behind all kinds of organizations.

Jena is convinced that winning a second-place ribbon at the Clark County Fair for a keychain she made in her second grade art class is what set her on the road to success. It could also be her quick wit, her ability to not take herself too seriously, or her determination to write for a living (she decided this when she was 14). Luckily, the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno provided her ample opportunities to flex her writing chops. After graduation, she landed a job in the marketing and communications department at Renown Health where she stayed for five years, organizing photoshoots, crafting strategic communications plans, and executing them, while supporting internal communications needs for 7,000+ employees.

After a few life changes and a global pandemic later, Jena sought a new adventure: KPS3! Well, really, it was her friend, Nicole Shearer. She had told Jena about the open PR manager position over cocktails (Jena isn’t one to turn down happy hour… just please don’t suggest Appletinis) and suggested she apply. Here we are, after thousands of jokes and press releases later.

When it comes to accomplishments, one of Jena’s proudest is earning her accreditation in public relations. Yeah, some people learned how to bake sourdough during the pandemic, but Jena nerded out and studied for the exam. It’s definitely something worth celebrating—just like the life she’s proud she’s created for herself.

While Jena might not have an “inside voice,” she knows how to make a mean hummus, can tap dance, and brings the party wherever she goes. Her and her husband, Joe, even make grocery shopping fun: tossing things into the cart with a quick “Kobe!” and betting each other how much the total is going to be (loser unloads all of the groceries). Just like how Joe taught Jena to relax, slow down, and have more fun in life—we learn the same and even more from her every day.

Certifications & Awards:

  • Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) - Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

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