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Billy Ruecker
Senior Growth Marketing Specialist


A proud Eagle Scout, math whiz, guitarist, meme master, hypeman, and continuous learner

Billy Ruecker lives by his Scout Master’s quote: “The only way to truly learn something is three: Learn one, do one, and teach one.” As someone who genuinely wants to see people succeed, from his friends at the Mesa Rim climbing gym to his clients and coworkers, he embodies this every day as one of our growth marketing specialists.

Three things Billy is proud of in his career:

  1. Getting a job (and a glowing recommendation from Brit Silva) at KPS3 in 2021
  2. Developing and launching an app/brand with ClearGate
  3. Always pushes forward and works to improve his skills

Curious about finding the best solution for a complex problem, Billy believes in trying, trying, and trying again. He credits his high-school math tutor, Sam, for showing him that challenges could be fun. Once he gets the answer, he’ll celebrate by sending a GIF, meme, or a Slack message to his coworkers. He has spent his career championing the underdog and loves disrupting the industry status quo. (If this doesn’t make him a perfect fit for KPS3, we don’t know what does.)

If you’re wondering, Billy’s most recent off-the-wall idea was exploring raw-per-day data from Sprout Social and throwing it into a Google Sheet instead of having the social team manually enter an excessive amount of data every month. Did it work? You bet! Five minutes of spreadsheet magic led to hours upon hours saved.

Outside of work, he takes pride in the following life moments:

  1. Graduating college (earning a bachelor's degree in business administration)
  2. Achieving the rank of Eagle Scout
  3. Meeting his partner, Issa

Find Billy listening to or creating music, rock climbing, watching anime, talking philosophy, or filing away more quotes to live by.

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