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Nicole Shearer
Director of Public Relations


Curiosity-driven builder of successful PR plans and thorough vacation itineraries

How does Nicole Shearer write as many press releases, pitch as many stories, and drive so many successful strategies for her clients? It could be her inability to sit still, the chocolate she stores in her desk (which is always carefully replenished), or the motivation to see her family at the end of the day (spending unplugged time with them feeds her soul). Whatever it is, Nicole’s curious mind and knack for problem-solving certainly contribute to her being one of KPS3’s PR powerhouses.

PR was a natural fit for Nicole. Taking some advice from a trusted mentor, her high school history teacher suggested exploring a career in journalism. She fell in love with the Reynold's School at the University of Nevada, Reno (and didn't mind how close it was to Lake Tahoe either). Rather than going into print media, she pivoted to public relations (being flexible and able to change direction at a moment's notice is kinda what PR is all about) for its storytelling foundation, strategic approaches, and problem-solving roots.

After being in the field for 20 years, we can safely say that PR is Nicole’s calling. She kicked off her career in Lake Tahoe working for both small and larger companies, with Northstar Ski Resort being just one of many.

After six beautiful years up at the lake, she and her husband decided to purchase a house in Reno. Nicole took a job at Renown shortly after the move in 2007 before heading over to the University of Nevada, Reno in 2013. She also co-organized the TEDxUniversityofNevada annual event, which is where she met our founder, Stephanie Kruse, Brittany Silva, and Sierra Davies. Working closely with "a terrific team of talented people who were a lot of fun to work with" directly made it easy for her to jump at the opportunity for Director of Public Relations when the position opened up here.

When you’re with Nicole you can always guarantee that:

  1. She’ll shoot you straight.
  2. She won’t take herself too seriously (and always appreciates a good laugh).
  3. She’ll be moving around—she’s fidgety, and she owns it.
  4. She’ll always ask a ton of questions.
  5. She’ll get the job done—no matter what. (Unless you ask her to go skydiving. She’ll never do that again. Ever.)

When it comes to her career, one thing she’s incredibly proud of is her ability to manage and avoid burnout. The industry asks for a lot—having thick skin, a scrappy attitude, and a willingness to pivot—helps. Not to mention, having children and a husband who regularly says, “It’s just a matter of perspective,” reminds her to practice patience and see things differently.

Speaking of family, Nicole is a proud mama bear. She occasionally likes a good happy hour with her team, but always looks forward to pulling on some sweats and catching up with her husband and children. Wherever they are—especially if they’re traveling, hiking, skiing, or paddleboarding—is where Nicole feels most grounded.

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