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Less than One, More than Five

We watch trends and keep tabs on our data. What it’s told us is that generally people stay at KPS3 less than a year or more than five. It’s not because of some corporate culture or ridiculous policies. It’s not because of burnout in a hustle culture forged by crypto bros and growth hackers (we’re too old for that).

It’s because balance beams can be hard to walk at first, until you find your stride. There’s freedom. There’s pressure. There’s fun. And there are high expectations. Equal parts challenging and rewarding.

While you’ll have a crew that’s pushing you, it’s your own love of leveling up that’ll make you feel at home.

In a nutshell


Finalist for “Best Places to Work” the last 8 years, winning 2 of those. We’re proud of this one.


Over 30 years in business. We’ve been around the block and are on our way back again.


Two full interdisciplinary teams. One team of floaters. This keeps us small, agile, but still ready to scale and tackle anything.


50 people making magic happen on a daily basis. Want to join? Check out our job openings.


Six areas of focus: Brand, Web & Digital, Campaigns, PR, Social & Outta the Box. No promises this won't grow, though. :)


While we have three-ish teams and seven divisions, we’re still one KPS3. And we all remember that.


We’re after results, whether that’s achieved through a fancy design or a simple form, at the end of the day we want to crush goals. So while performance is what matters, we’re proud of the awards we’ve won, and want to recognize our partners and employees for their badass work.

Tablestake perks

Insurance Coverage

Your physical well-being matters. We cover your health, dental, and vision insurance 100%. If you’re a supervisor, your entire family is covered.

Vacation Time

While we are a remote-first company, we still understand the importance of work/life balance. You get four weeks of PTO and eight paid holidays at minimum.

Personal Health

We offer additional time off for maternity/paternity leave as well as bereavement. We also provide a list of counselors covered by our plan and a $200 stipend for relaxation.

401K Matching

Planning for the future shouldn’t be a luxury, but a right. After being with us for six months, we match your 401K up to 4%.

Educational Support

Want to get a certification? We’ll pay for it and let you take the test on company time. Attending school? Cool, we’ll reimburse you up to $2,500 a year.

Professional Development

You will have a clear growth path here, however you define that. We carve out time for you and your manager to develop these goals on an ongoing basis.

And now for the good sh*t


We're adults. You're adults. We work hard to create an environment that can be flexible for everyone while still producing badass stuff together.

Longevity Perks

Make it a year? We'll throw in an extra $100 for fun. Three years? $1,000. Five years? $2,500. 10 years? $10,000 cash or stock in the company (you pick) AND a one-month paid sabbatical.

No Micromanagement

We aren't babysitters. There’s no reason for us to hover over your (metaphorical) shoulder. We trust you to finish your work within the hours you communicate you’re working.

Bonus Checks

If we hit our yearly financial goal and you contributed as part of the team, you will get a bonus. We mean it when we say we have each other’s back—and we put our money where our mouth is.

Volunteer PTO

We’re huge on giving back to our community. That’s why we offer two days of PTO for you to volunteer with an organization of your choice.

Cell Phone Plan

Why pay $60+ a month for your phone when you could pay $25/line a month through our company plan?

Mandatory Play

Our office is stocked with drinks, snacks, and games. We welcome you to come in any time—with your family or friends—to use them.

Life Insurance

A little stability goes a long way. We provide $50,000 in life insurance when you’re employed here.

Current job openings

Remote Available

Senior Developer

KPS3 is seeking a highly-motivated, hands-on developer with a passion for the internet and all things web-related. Developers are responsible for building, testing, debugging, and deploying server-side code for various types of web projects. The internet is your oyster.

Reno, NV

Account Director

KPS3 is looking for an account director to join our team of marketing strategists, creatives, developers, and analytics junkies. If you are quite possibly the most organized person you know then this position may be perfect for you.

Just say hello

Don't see what you're hoping for?

We will almost always hire someone if their name is known internally rather than opening a job. That means it's best to reach out, form a relationship, and be our first call once we're ready to pull the trigger. Want to try to be that person? Slide into our DMs (or email).

Did we just become best friends?

Looking for a partner not a vendor? Ready to engage in philosophical combat and build something great together? If so, we’re ready for you. Drop us a line at [email protected]

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