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Shah Chisty
Web Developer


A family man and ice cream enthusiast who always looks on the bright side

Meet one of our developers. Shah (pronounced Shaw) Chisty joined KPS3 in 2022 to put his self-taught expertise in web development to the test at an agency. He takes pride in shifting careers from sales and tech support at AT&T to a full-time dev because of the determination, long hours, and hard work that it took.

Shah is over the moon about buying his first house in south Reno. (In this market? That is a huge deal.)

As someone who enjoys a good bowl of cookie-based ice creams, Shah knows how to savor the present moment. His wife and son teach him that—no matter what they’re doing—it’s the shared passing of time that’s important. Shah brings this mentality to work by grinding out his tasks, connecting with his team, and recognizing their achievements whenever he gets the chance.

While he can help you out with creating websites, don’t expect him to help you out in the water. He loves the ocean, lakes, and pools, but *cannot* swim. Good thing his job doesn’t depend on it.

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