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Monica Strohschein
Search & Digital Media Specialist


Volleyball, lifting, and more volleyball (maybe starting a podcast or learning to ride a motorcycle… after volleyball)

One might consider Monica Strohschein a retired college athlete, but that person doesn’t know her as well as us (or follow her on social media). There are only a few days out of the year when Monica isn’t playing volleyball, whether it’s on the beaches of Lake Tahoe, the grassy fields throughout Nevada, or literally any indoor gym that has a program. What can we say? She loves it—and the opportunity to meet new people. Her favorite tournament she’s played in so far is Hot Auburn Nights, which makes it easy to survive the summer heat by playing from 6 PM to 5 AM.

At the end of high school, she earned a full ride to a D1 school to play volleyball. Monica attended Lamar University in Dallas, Texas, where her love of advertising blossomed. She originally planned to study sports psychology but found a bachelor of science in advertising communications blended her interests while ensuring she could support herself.

Monica enjoyed her time as a waitress at a restaurant in Beaumont and then as a bartender at a premier steakhouse in Dallas because of all she learned, including what real southern cuisine should taste like (it’s bussin’ bussin’) and the perfect recipe for a well bruised dirty martini. While she loved all these experiences,  she never let go of her dream to pursue a career at an ad agency. Following college graduation, Monica interned as a marketing coordinator for Raze Media in Dallas. She ran Google ad campaigns and curated social media accounts for small- to corporate-level clients worldwide. We knew she was a utility player we couldn’t do without and welcomed her to KPS3 in 2021.

Her bubbly personality is perfect for building relationships with clients. Her empathic nature and genuine attention to detail when someone is talking about their day is enough to make anyone immediately comfortable. Monica thrives when it comes to problem-solving and decision-making (you gotta be quick in volleyball!), and she brings those skills to the office.

When she isn’t playing a match (again, it’s rare) or optimizing clients’ sites, Monica enjoys time hiking in the woods, laughing with her friends, sipping on spicy bourbon, practicing photography, lifting weights in the gym, eating pizza, or lounging at home. Yep, at the ripe age of 25, she bought her own house. Her two cats, Bean and Gypsy, are free to roam—even in the backyard, where Monica embraces the peace and quiet in her hammock (you can probably guess that’s not the only net she has back there).

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