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Logan Schauer
Social Media Coordinator


Social media maven by day, CrossFit and nutrition coach… also by day

The ability to think strategically and flex her creative muscles while acting as the voice for specific brands are just a few key factors as to why Logan Schauer, M.A. went into this field. Growing up when social media was just blossoming has its perks; one being that she grew with it, so her role as a social media coordinator felt natural.

Determined and dedicated, Logan takes on any challenge that comes her way head-first. This can be traced back to her time as a theatre kid, a hobby she was naturally gifted at but one she trained very hard for (it’s probably part of the reason why she’s so good at accents). Her powerful work ethic and creative problem-solving skills help her create engaging campaigns and foster relationships with clients (not to mention, helps power one of her other passions, CrossFit).

Logan possesses three fitness and health certifications—CF-L1, PN1, and SSR1—that enhance her knowledge and support her in her part-time job as a CrossFit and nutrition coach at Ambrose Fitness (where she also manages social media… What can we say? She’s obsessed!).

A graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, Logan has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Journalism with a focus in graphic design, strategic communications, and PR. She interned at several places, assuming roles that centered on expertly navigating social interactions, whether that was through social media or from a PR lens. In 2021, she earned her master’s in Spanish Linguistics and Golden Age Spanish Literature (and she was only 22! Talk about a go-getter). She studied abroad in San Sebastián, Spain and even had the opportunity to teach English in Spain, but had a strong gut feeling to stay in Reno a bit longer.

Logan is one to pay close attention to her gut—after all, it’s referred to as your body’s “second brain.” (We learned this from her: If your gut isn’t in check, then your brain won’t function as well!) Ask her about gut health, nutrition, and CrossFit when you have the time—just not first thing in the morning; your girl needs some time to wake up first. While she’s passionate about social media and establishing a cohesive voice for her clients, fitness will always be her first love, and she’s always thrilled to impart her knowledge to anyone interested so she can help others reach their health goals, too.

She’s definitely someone you’d want on your team—for the day-to-day of agency life or in more extreme cases, like a zombie apocalypse. Logan will have your back no matter what. She also has Hulk-level strength. Peep her IG for all the muscle-up posts (@lo_g_g_y.lifts).

Certifications & Awards

  • Influencer Marketing I, Industry Specialist - Meltwater Academy
  • Hubspot Academy Social Media Certification
  • DigitalMarketer Content Marketing Mastery

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