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Joe Hopper
Director of Growth Marketing


Would rather be chit-chatting or playing video games in-person with his friends

The most important thing you need to know about Joe Hopper is that he brings the fun(ny). He’s a man you can count on for clever banter in any situation, whether it’s with his family, his friends, or his coworkers. Joe guarantees that everyone is having a good time and will always make sure that you’re feeling supported. He also has a penchant for pairing stove-popped popcorn with a nice glass of bourbon on a Friday night, and—on the rare occasion he’s not huddled over his laptop working—you’ll find him chasing around his son, Wesley, or finding new DIY house projects to tackle alongside his wife, Teva.

As such a smiley human (one of his most defining characteristics), something that doesn’t make Joe so happy? People not putting their shopping carts back. Oh, and having to explain technology to his mother. He would literally do anything not to answer “How do I print this?” or having to explain that if something is on your “desktop” other people can’t access it. Pretty much just any tech support question via telephone.

One of our directors of SEO and digital media here at KPS3 (since 2019), Joe is a marketing guru whose search skills are as sharp as they come. He holds both a bachelor’s degree in advertising and a master’s in internet marketing. His impressive résumé boasts a number of noteworthy positions, including online marketing specialist for the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa and even a stint as a digital marketing specialist for Noble Studios. Before joining our team, Joe worked as the director of marketing for ZLINE Kitchen & Bath, where he wore a number of hats and was responsible for everything from managing website meta data and maintaining front-end web content to reporting on digital campaigns and deciphering website analytics.

While he is proud of finding a work culture that truly fits his own style and personality, two of Joe’s top achievements are teaching Wesley new skills and remodeling his entire kitchen (the two months of stress and the elation that followed were definitely worth it). He spends his free time playing everything from video games to indoor soccer and feels most like himself when he’s gaming with his friends in person. (Ever heard of a LAN party? That’s right up Joe’s alley.) Speaking of video games, his top three are World of Warcraft, Fall Guys, and Destiny 2… Let's just say he plays for the experience.

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