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Chelsea Bosco


Can be found designing, swapping stories around a campfire, or petting a dog

It was natural for Chelsea Bosco to become a graphic designer—she’s always been motivated to make things that don’t already exist. This passion actually extends beyond work and into hair (she recently returned to school for cosmetology) and her DIY projects around the house (the latest being the coffee table she made using a live edge piece of wood and epoxy).

Prior to joining KPS3 in 2022, Chelsea worked at OCG Creative for six years. She focused on web projects, designing web comps, and developing entire sites. In fact, she taught herself a majority of her web development skills on the job. Her motivation to dabble in specialized design elements, like branding and typography, led her to KPS3—and we’re so happy she’s here.

Chelsea is very much a people person and the type of coworker who checks in on her teammates, making sure they have what they need to be successful. (We suspected she had a  nurturing side after we found out about all the flourishing plants she expertly cares for in her house.)

While Chelsea is very outgoing and loves learning about other people’s interests, she’s most likely to get along with you if you love dogs at least as equally as much as she does. Seriously, she’ll stop for every dog she walks by. (It might be the only way someone could convince her to get on Wild Island’s G-Force slide again. If it’s not to save a dog, she’ll pass, thank you very much.) A lot of her free time is spent outside with her human, Trevor, and their two dogs—Ryder and Freddy—exploring new campgrounds and hunting down breweries for the best sour beers.

Chelsea credits Trevor for teaching her how to be more patient (who knew it would help her manage stress, too?), it's also made her become an even more meticulous organizer. Not only is her closet color-coordinated in a rainbow ombre, she's even perfected a method to optimize space and storage by efficiently pairing small items with their close counterparts. With all that said, we know she’ll definitely keep all of her ClickUp tasks in order.

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