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Callee Marlow
Digital Media Producer


Film lover and running fanatic obsessed with telling meaningful stories through a (literal) creative lens

When Callee Marlow was younger, all she did when she got home from school was watch music videos on YouTube. She fell in love with how people told meaningful stories through sound and visuals—and this led to her always having filmmaking in the back of her mind. Fast forward to college, where she took photojournalism and video editing classes. Callee realized she could make this a career.

Before becoming a social content creator at KPS3 in 2022, she worked at an agency and as a freelancer. While flying solo, Callee led strategy, branding, social media, and content creation for clients across industries. While she loved creating, Callee missed collaborating and talking with her coworkers about their favorite films and brews. That’s when she returned to agency life, bringing her energetic and creative attitude to every task.

In 2023, Callee transitioned from the social team to the content team, where she became one of our digital media producers (aka, the Robin to our Batman, Jared Barnett).

One of Callee’s favorite personal projects to date was a photo gallery titled RAW. This gallery showcased 15 women in their most raw, genuine forms (at home, in their rooms, art studios, etc.). What’s Callee’s most raw form? Probably when she’s making beautiful content, giving a movie review, or going on a wine walk to the OB pier with her partner, Dante.

Want the scoop on the best coffee shops in San Diego? Down to listen to the discography of The Grateful Dead? Curious which movies to watch or totally avoid? Callee’s your girl. (Add her on Letterboxd: @westernshpaghet for her reccs!)

Certifications & Awards

  • Hubspot Academy Social Media Certification

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