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Ashlan Sherron
Senior Account Manager


Find her adventuring, attempting yet another DIY project, gaping at fireworks, or making spreadsheet magic

Before working at KPS3 (or at any agency), Ashlan Sherron had done it all: graphic design, assisting in app launch or website redesign, PR coordination, blog writing, and business relationship management. She enjoys the multidisciplinary skills that come with agency life and has always had the goal of working at one, which is why she sought a job in the industry after years in agriculture. (Hey, it runs in the family.)

Ashlan grew up on a dairy farm in a small California town, so she knows a thing or two about having a powerhouse work ethic. She learned the importance of business partnership to accomplish more—which is what led her to pursue Agricultural Leadership and Development during her undergraduate studies at Texas A&M. Ashlan went on to research, write, and defend her thesis, earning herself a master of science in Agricultural Communications degree from Ohio State.

Throughout her academic journey, she honed her skills in effective collaboration and problem-solving in order to achieve the desired results—perfect for becoming an account manager! Since 2021, Ashlan has acted as an advisor, scheduler, strategist, and all-around partner to KPS3’s clients. (Her skills in scheduling and making spreadsheet magic helped, too.) She was promoted to Senior Account Manager in 2024.

She plans everything out to the last minute, except what she does during her PTO. Ashlan steps out of her hyper-organized day-to-day when it comes to exploring. She’s never come across a travel destination that she didn’t like (but her 3-month tour across Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and Australia still take first place)! Although Ashlan’s husband, Wyatt, has taught her the art of adaptability, she still loves any mission with a checklist, whether it’s planning for a trip, preparing the house for guests, or gathering everything they need down to the last nail at Home Depot for their next DIY project.

Regardless of how well Ashlan plans, she still never seems to drink enough water or apply the right amount of sunscreen. Oh well. She’ll make a list for it. Onto the next client strategy—and onto the next destination!

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