Sierra Davies

Search & Digital Media Specialist

A lover of trees with an appreciation for well-built spreadsheets.

Sierra joined the KPS3 crew in 2017 as a digital project manager before finding her true passion in the realm of marketing data and analysis as a search and digital media specialist. When she’s not hurling herself down the Sierras on her mountain bike (no broken bones yet—knock on wood) or exploring Reno by trail, you can find Sierra in our offices, ensuring clients’ digital marketing efforts are continually optimized, scrutinized, and performing at their best.

Sierra grew up in Placerville, California, but eventually made her way inland where she earned her B.S. in Finance and her M.B.A. from the University of Nevada, Reno. Sierra started her first marketing business at the age of 19 and successfully oversaw its operations for five years while she was earning her degrees. With an impressive client roster and some seriously enviable self-taught design skills to her name, Sierra eventually made her way to KPS3 (and we’re quite glad she did).

A DataStudio guru with a keen understanding of marketing optimization, you can often find Sierra out and about, exploring the western states by bike or alongside her beloved adventure pup, Ralph (though the jury’s still out on whether Ralph is an extremely agile dog or, more likely, a baby deer). Every day, Sierra collects three eggs from her backyard chickens, Alpha, Beta and Charlie—and she usually whips them up in her kitchen as part of one of the many gluten-free dishes she cooks. She takes her coffee black and her beers as IPAs—but will drink any type of wine you set in front of her (and we can’t blame her for that). An unapologetic question-asker and mold-breaker, Sierra is most excited about helping her clients reach new levels of success by challenging the status quo and, in her words, “accepting nothing as written in stone.”