Ravyn Smith

Account Manager

Organizer. Gamer. Adventurer.

Ravyn Smith joined the KPS3 crew in 2020 as an account manager bringing with her a love of extensive lists, a knack for fostering incredible relationships with her clients, and a commitment to ensuring projects are thriving and on target. Very much obsessed with efficient communication and time-management, getting things done is her addiction and to-do lists are her hobby (dedicated would be an understatement).

A pseudo-serious video gamer and organizer of the first order, when Ravyn’s not on the client crusade leveraging her years of marketing strategy and client communication expertise, you can find her spending time leveling up on her favorite games—Witcher Wild Hunt 3 and Dark Souls 3—putting her analytical skills to the test and ensuring that not only her clients’ boxes are checked, but her itch to problem-solve is scratched, too.

Florida-born and Vegas-grown, Ravyn was drawn to Reno for its bohemian charm, expansive outdoor scene, and Burning Man community, eventually choosing to get her marketing degree at the University of Nevada, Reno rather than the University of Las Vegas. Today, Ravyn happily bleeds that Battle Born blue with no intention of leaving anytime soon.

Beginning her professional career as a marketing intern at Gary Platt Manufacturing in 2014, Ravyn’s internship turned into a full-time marketing coordinator position when she graduated in 2015. By 2017, she was offered a position as a digital marketing strategist at D4 Advanced Media where she managed many successful conversion-oriented communication initiatives for clients in just about every industry before ending her time at D4 as an account manager and marketing lead.

A person who needs organized chaos to thrive, Ravyn is dedicated to making the complex…simple, bringing with her a wide range of digital marketing know-how and go-getting spirit to the KPS3 team. Don’t worry, once she gets through her expansive to-dos, she’s either out enjoying local events downtown, tubing the Truckee, or extensively researching her next new place to explore.