Ashlan Wickstrom

Account Manager

A sucker for easygoing Saturday morning hikes, sunny weekend brunch, rowdy sporting events, or listening to some great live music.

Ashlan Wickstrom joined the KPS3 team as an account manager in 2021, bringing with her a penchant for schedules, spreadsheets, and getting herself into overcomplicated DIY projects (which always seem to turn out great).

With an analytical yet creative mind that has fostered her career path in communications and into a strategic marketing focus, Ashlan loves creating and finding solutions for her clients, expertly navigating issues, and exalting in the results of a well-executed plan coming to life.

Hailing from a small town in central California where she was born and raised on a dairy farm until 2011, Ashlan went on to graduate from Texas A&M University in 2015 with a degree in leadership and an emphasis in international studies, where she was heavily involved as a student ambassador for study abroad programs and agricultural advocacy organizations. (Texas is also where her love for college football was born.)

From here, Ashlan made her way to the Midwest, receiving her master’s in communications from Ohio State University in 2017, where she conducted research in communication networks and consumer behavior. Truly a Jane-of-all-trades, Ashlan’s spent the last three years in corporate communications with a global cattle genetics company, working with teams throughout the Americas to help develop and execute regional marketing strategies and campaigns. After freelancing for the last four years working with small business clients to help them guide their organizations and build their digital strategies and presence, Ashlan decided to see what agency life was all about, and we couldn’t be happier that she did!

Soon to be married to her best-friend-turned-fiancé, Wyatt, in March of 2022, Ashlan has yet another best friend (this one has four legs), Shiner, who loves to adventure just as much as they do.

When Ashlan’s not working, you can find her partaking in Type II fun, exploring the Sierras with her happy (and furry!) family. Ashlan has never met a travel destination that she didn’t like and her list is always open to suggestions (she’s new here, so don’t hold out!). She takes pride in her Spotify playlists and loves rollerskating (Reno Roller Derby, anyone?).