KPS3 hires Michael Leonardini as creative director

KPS3 is excited to announce it has hired Michael Leonardini as creative director.

Leonardini will lead one of the firm’s two digital and creative teams, providing innovative design solutions for a wide range of products and projects. He will direct creative strategy and help bring client creative insights to life. Michael will also lead the charge for KPS3’s creative content creation service line.

“Michael’s creative talent and matching drive is a rare combination,” said Kevin Jones, COO of KPS3. “His outstanding portfolio, years of experience, and overall approach to the creative process will help elevate every client we partner with. He understands our clients and most importantly, he understands us. He understands what makes a memorable brand and how to convey that brand through story.”

Shortly after graduating from college, Leonardini worked as the creative director for Barcellona, a boutique agency in Sacramento that specializes in the home building industry. He then made his way to MeringCarson as the team’s design director, where he co-founded Emcee Design, a strategic design arm for MeringCarson that specialized in tourism, luxury, and sports-and-entertainment brand work.

From 2015-2017, Leonardini worked as the creative director for Moxie International, a 40-year-old chemical company that he transformed using an integrated digital and traditional marketing approach. Leonardini then transitioned to become a consultant for Cambria Solutions, where he helped bring a variety of the company’s services to market. He then accepted a position as the chief creative officer for The Abbi Agency in Reno. During his time at The Abbi Agency, Leonardini was responsible for everything from client relations and business development to brand health metrics and creative campaigns. He also led research, strategy, and branding efforts for clients across various industries.

Leonardini earned his B.A. in journalism with a minor in photojournalism from San Francisco State University. He also takes classes at eCornell in design thinking and strategies.

Welcome to the team, Michael!

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