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June 29, 2021

We've Hired Reggie Stevens as Web Developer

written by

Chrisie Yabu

Director of Public Relations

KPS3, a full-service marketing and digital communications firm, has hired Reggie Stevens as web developer.

Prior to joining KPS3, Reggie has been expanding his development skillset in the gaming and hospitality industries. Starting out in IT Networking for Eldorado Resorts Inc./Caesars Entertainment, Reggie worked his way up to become a senior web developer, then development manager, until eventually becoming the Director of DevOps. Reggie spent more than a decade developing and maintaining a variety of different web products which set the foundation needed for building complex web applications across the company’s various platforms.

Reggie received his BA in computer science and mathematics from the University of Nevada, Reno, and continues to push his development knowledge and coding languages even further as the digital space continues to evolve. He has a strong background in digital marketing, email marketing, SEO strategy and management.

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