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August 30, 2022

Love Your Community, Love Your Work

written by

Sarah Goodlaxson

Account Director

Not many fond memories exist from 2020. The pandemic had pushed people into isolation, depression, and fear of the future. Many of us didn't know what to do—but as a group of folks who have always put community first, we knew we couldn't just sit around and do nothing.

In this time when so much was unknown, our clients rose to the occasion to help meet the people who were the most in need. We banded together to transform a dark time into an opportunity to help others.

During this time, we partnered with many incredible people and organizations to support our communities and the individuals and families living in them. This included campaigns, such as “Mask On, Move On” that helped spread awareness about the importance of wearing masks, “I Never Thought” that provided much needed resources to improve mental health across the state, and the Santa Maria Valley travel incentive that helped the tourism industry safely attract and host travelers.

We are constantly reminded of how much has changed—and is continuing to change—since 2020 as we find our footing in this post-pandemic world. Many organizations were delayed by COVID restrictions, AAF being one of them. They had to delay much of their work over the past 18 months. However, we were recently notified that the work our clients and team partnered on was recognized by this group.

What Are the Best in the West Region Awards?

AAF hosts an annual award ceremony to honor individuals and companies positively impacting their communities, both large and small. They have a community-work award segment within their "Best of the West Media Awards.” Those who can be nominated come from AAF chapters across 13 western states (including Hawaii, Alaska, and even Texas).

Submissions Are In! Fingers Crossed

I nominated KPS3 for the Agency of the Year (Under $10M) award because I’m personally proud of the work we’ve done in the past year. I provided a write-up plus materials from pandemic-specific campaigns, including videos from both “Mask On, Move On” and “I Never Thought” as well as a sizzle reel about Santa Maria Valley. The amount of work both our clients and our teams put in, as well as the strong relationships we built along the way, is proof of our commitment to quality work and each other.

We also submitted two of the above campaigns on behalf of our clients, Regional Information Center and Nevada Department of Health and Human Services. They informed; they engaged; and they were able to provide hope that there was light at the end of the tunnel—and that we would emerge on the other side together. Through compelling write-ups and videos created in collaboration with our very Creative Director, Jenna Hubert, and VP of Client Strategy, Sarah Polito, these campaigns were able to make a real difference in our communities.

If you’re curious which other businesses won, check out AAF’s list of 2021 winners here.

Final Thoughts

I truly believe KPS3 was a beacon for many during the pandemic, and we earned a fancy schmancy award to prove it! It’s nice to have a tangible award to display in the office—and for our clients to display in theirs—that reminds us of our hard work. But it’s even better to know the campaigns and culture we’ve created made a positive impact in our community.

We appreciate the chance to be nominated for and earn the Agency of the Year award. Thank you, AAF, for seeing what I see: an agency that cares about the world around us as much as the one we create in the office.

A heartfelt congratulations to the clients and businesses we had the honor to stand alongside at the AAF Best in the West Region Awards. We are so grateful to have received this amazing recognition, and we couldn't have done it without the help of our dedicated team and the support of our clients and other local organizations.

Cheers to the AAF Region! And cheers to returning back to normal… whatever that is.

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