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November 17, 2022

Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves

written by

Rob Gaedtke

President & CEO

Five years ago, we purchased a three-story gray box downtown with lots of parking and a nondescript exterior for KPS3 to call home. It’s whatever from the outside. You can drive past and not even notice it. Once you walk inside, though, it becomes a hip workspace with open seating, conference rooms, two bars, a VR station, a baby room, a gym, and everything else you’d expect from a top-tier ad agency.

That’s been our style for the past decade: flying under the radar; being plain at first glance, but filled with more than you can imagine. Well, it’s time we let that interior magic shine a little on the outside, too.

Internally, this rebrand is about us stepping into who we really are. Externally, we’re finally showing off the good stuff. We can admit that we have kept our company culture behind closed doors, known only to the clients and people who make up our teams—a culture all about radical responsibility and complete transparency. Now we’re bringing everyone into the fold.

This process brings us back to our roots: We create brands for a living. And it’s important for external brands to mirror their internal culture. The real secret to our success? It’s not a proprietary process or a magic wand. There is nothing hush-hush happening behind the curtain. It’s our people. We’re a bunch of smart people confident in our skills; we don’t have a problem presenting our work and breaking down how we did it. More than the case studies, our goal is to reveal the people who have the chops.

In short? Show the sauce.

Happy employees who strive to continually level up and never settle for mediocre work gives our clients better experiences. And I’m a firm believer that clients enjoy the process more when they understand and connect with the people they’re collaborating with.

At the end of the day, we’re just people—ones who like to ski, share travel stories, run marathons, make music, take pictures of our food, have families, and quickly mute ourselves when our barking dogs hear the Amazon guy drop off a package. We’re people, our clients are people, and we’re all here for a shared purpose. We show up as we are (and I, for one, am not too proud to show my belly while I eat a bag of chips). There are no suits here—well, maybe a few times a year when warranted.

[Switching to creative talk now, so feel free to skip a few paragraphs.]

Our liveliness comes through in our typography (not wicked modern, but still classic), photography, and the words we chose to put on the line. Oh, yeah, and we changed colors.

You read that right: We’re no longer red. The decision was not taken lightly since it has been a staple for decades. Red is bold, fierce, and loud—but it’s also the color teachers use to markup your homework. We’re cooler than that (get it?). Purple doesn’t shout at you; black and white represents our ability to be direct, see both sides of the same coin, and highlight both our clients and our work.

For over 30 years, our agency has radiated personality. We have valued individuality and evolution. These attributes were part of us then, now, and will be in the future. In 10 years, who knows what KPS3 will look like? But one thing is for sure: Our core will remain the same.

We’re showing you who we are—and, in turn, we would love to learn more about you. In our next meeting together, bring your pet into the frame. Explain a funny story about your kids. Share the photo you didn’t pick as your headshot. (I’d bet it makes you laugh more than the one we can find on the website.)

Show us what makes you human.

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Did we just become best friends?

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