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July 13, 2023

Meet Our Newest Partner: Andy Walden

written by

Rob Gaedtke

President & CEO

I’m excited to share that Andy Walden—our very own Don Draper (well, minus pretty much everything about him except for the suits and working in advertising)—has been named partner at KPS3. Andy has been a big part of our company’s growth and has helped define the upward direction we have been heading.

Andy’s accomplishments and career path have shaped who he is today. From a scrappy database grad to being a director at a non-profit to holding key positions at digital companies like Noble Studios, Twelve Horses, and One to One Interactive. These experiences have given Andy the skills needed to lead our Marketing and New Business efforts.

Throughout his career, Andy has demonstrated unwavering commitment to delivering strategic marketing solutions for his clients. His expertise spans various industries, such as travel and tourism, healthcare, entertainment, and B2B SaaS. His client portfolio includes Tahiti Tourisme, Deloitte & Touche, TravelNevada, Google, University of California, Autodesk, Niantic, Wikipedia, World Wildlife Fund, The Hartford, and FICO.

But skill and history are nothing without grit and determination—two traits I have seen in Andy since we first toyed with the idea of being business partners way back in 2004. Andy brings it all to his clients, his family, his coworkers, and every project he gets his hands on. And he will always find a way and make you smile in the process.

Currently, Andy serves as a board member of The Discovery Museum and as collegiate relations chair of the Reno-Tahoe American Marketing Association (AMA), where he previously held the title of president. Andy has partnered with his clients to earn over 50 industry awards, including multiple Communicator Awards, Web Awards, Daveys, W3s, ADDYs, Summit Creative Awards, and AVA Digital Awards.

In the time I have known him, we have been competitors, neighbors, softball teammates, travel buddies, classmates, coworkers, friends, and now partners. I’m stoked about adding Andy to the ownership of KPS3. We look forward to Andy's continued contributions and leadership in shaping the future of the agency.

Read the full press release here: Andy Walden Named Partner at KPS3

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