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May 31, 2022

Community Involvement is About More than Just Giving

written by

Stina Fausone


The foundation of KPS3 is built on three simple principles: Be Bold, Be Excellent, and Never Be Finished. As a company, we work to exemplify these values in everything that we do, and as members of the community, we work even harder to ensure we’re giving back boldly, with excellence, and in ways that truly matter. Our work is never finished when it comes to bettering the community around us—it’s what drives us!

Committed to Leveling Up Our Community

As Nevadans—born, bred, or honorary—we are dedicated to furthering education, culture, and support throughout our region to expand critical services that empower members of our community, big and small.

KPS3 has always been extremely fortunate to have nonprofit, public health, and needs-based organizations as clients that serve not only northern Nevada, but communities across our state, our country, and beyond. We’ve always been committed to seeking out purposeful work.

This year, we made a commitment to level up our community support. Over the past two years, our local nonprofits have worked tirelessly to ensure people were continually supported, businesses were staying open, and our neighborhoods’ had the resources they needed.

30 Years in Business, $30,000 in Contributions

This year marked our 30th year in business—and as a team—we decided to celebrate this incredible milestone by donating $30,000 in cash donations and sponsorships to local organizations throughout the year and almost $70K for in-kind contributions.

“We love this community and are devoted to helping it thrive. This is our way of putting action and dollars being that belief”
- Rob Gaedtke, President and CEO

We thoroughly enjoyed supporting a wide variety of organizations throughout the year. We blended science and drinks at the Nevada Discovery Museum’s Chemistry of Cocktail; we donated lanes for Donor Network West’s Bowling Fundraiser and helped sponsor the Art of Childhood Fundraising Gala for The Children’s Cabinet. We’re grateful to partner with essential providers in the community like REMSA Health. We mingled with a great team at Junior Achievement. We made some amazing tie-dye shirts for Give OUT Day with Northern Nevada HOPES. We helped support Thanksgiving dinners with the Boys & Girls Club and local food drives. We even helped raise funds for our local pet shelters to help celebrate Valentine's.

Working with Purpose

KPS3 stands alongside many nonprofit organizations, partnering with those whose sole purpose is to better the lives of individuals and families in our communities.

When it comes to the work, it's not just impactful, it's motivating. The creativity behind The Nevada Dairy Farmers’ Dairy Month and Truckee Meadows Park Foundation campaigns was fueled by passionate support for each of their causes: there’s no better feeling than to produce meaningful work that encourages people to support eco-friendly practices and the hardworking efforts of our local industries.

The strategic initiatives we were able to execute with Donor Network West to help increase the number of organ donors in the region, as well as supporting NCJFCJ to improve national policy which affects children and families in our courts, inspires us and proves to our communities at large that working together can truly make all the difference in our neighborhoods and our communities as a whole.

In addition to all this, working with the Nevada Community Action Association to develop its brand and build awareness of its mission–which empowers community action to eliminate poverty–continues to ensure a brighter future for families and children alike. And in that same vein, we are so grateful for the work we were able to do for the Nevada Housing Coalition as well, making sure affordable housing in Nevada stays top of mind across our entire state. We will forever support initiatives like these that empower our communities to do more, giving both families and individuals the confidence to know that they can.

Championing Initiatives for Our Youth

It’s no secret our future is in the hands of our region’s children. Much of the time and energy we dedicate to our community supports educational efforts, care, and housing for families and our youth. We dedicated a lot of our support to organizations like The Children’s Cabinet, United Way, Girls on the Run, Junior Achievement, and the Boys & Girls Club because of this.

  • The Children’s Cabinet
    Since 1985, The Children’s Cabinet has worked to ensure all children and families in northern Nevada have access to the services and resources they need to provide care, education, and development. In fact, this year alone, The Children’s Cabinet distributed more than 3,500 PPE kits to childcare providers, supplied 200 youth with computers to support their distance learning, donated $266,234 in rental assistance to families, and offered more than 1,700 free family counseling sessions. Overall, more than 775 families (over 2,100 people total) were helped through one of their toughest years to date because of the tireless efforts of this organization. We’re a huge advocate of this organization’s purpose and mission and we're so grateful to support them throughout the year in the efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of our youth.
  • United Way
    When it came to working alongside United Way to build awareness of the importance of attendance in grades K-3, we knew how critical this initiative was, especially due to the warranted hesitation of both parents and children without the COVID vaccine available for young children. Our campaigns were thoughtful, empathetic, and came from a personal understanding and parents’ point of view.
  • Girls on the Run
    Partnering with Girls on the Run to celebrate their 15th year anniversary gave us the opportunity to create a campaign based on the mission and belief that every girl is inherently full of power and potential.
  • The Discovery and The Nevada Museum of Art
    We're proud to support and work with and community icons like The Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum and the Nevada Museum of Art, which many of our team’s children interact with on an ongoing basis. The programs and events that are hosted at both of these organizations respectively shape the minds and the hearts of our youth.

KPS3 fervently champions educational initiatives and regularly helps to sponsor events that promote scholarships and improvements to schools like the College of Liberal Arts (as part of the University of Nevada, Reno), and TMCC (Murder at the Disco was a riot!). KPS3 also began an externship program that supports students of all ages who are looking to pursue a career in marketing.

When our community comes together in the myriad ways it has over the last year, anything is possible, and it opens a world of opportunity for children and families in our communities to succeed and flourish.

Always Have Each Other’s Backs

It’s one of KPS3’s core values, and although it’s used more internally, it’s one that carries so much power and drives so much of the work that we do.

KPS3 not only offers to pay for memberships to local nonprofits like the PRSA, AMA, AAF, or any other nonprofit board our team may be passionate about, but we donate in our crew’s names and offer paid time off each year specifically to volunteer with organizations they care about to bring our community closer together. In fact, many members of our team personally sit on the board for organizations such as the Washoe County Managers Advisory Council, PRSA, AMA, AAF, College of Liberal Arts, Reno Elks Club, Reynolds School of Journalism, The Children’s Cabinet, and the TMCC Business Advisory Board (serious kudos to them!). Other members of our team donate their time as little league coaches and college mentors (some are even professors!). It makes us proud to work with such wonderful, dedicated people who continually work to improve and support our community.

Together, We Can Do More

All in all, we are so grateful to support the many organizations and nonprofits that make this place so great. Throughout the remainder of 2022, KPS3 will continue to aid and advocate for those in our community that need our help the most. Thank you to everyone who made this year so successful, we look forward to another year of giving and community support!

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