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May 1, 2024

Julia Jones Reaches Boss Level

written by

Bob Whitefield

Chief Revenue Officer

It's remarkable to think about the paths our careers can take. Julia Jones holds the record for the most variety of different roles held at our agency. It's kind of her thing. Luckily, she found her home working with clients on their SEO, digital and traditional media, and analytics. (Not to mention, she’s also a partner!) As we celebrate her promotion to AVP of Growth Marketing, let’s look back on Julia’s journey.

Her career started in 2011… and it was either this or Starbucks.

For the first few years, Julia transitioned to various positions on the account side. She went from temp assistant to part-time account coordinator to a full-time position. Each role not only shaped the trajectory of her career, but also the landscape of our agency.

In 2014, Julia stepped up to take on a new role as the director of research. We had an influx of research and strategic projects that she would oversee. This included two she’s incredibly proud of: the Nevada Health Link and University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine.

With the success of these projects, more and more requests for analytics work, social media advertising, and SEO-driven strategies came rolling in. That’s when we realized we needed a search and digital media division. Enter The Muppets Julia and Bob Show. It was right up her alley, considering Julia’s not much of a go-with-your-gut kind of person. One part of her role in this division is being able to try something, run the numbers, and definitively say if it worked or not.

Our department has grown so much since then. We have eight employees who support 25+ clients. Julia has always strived to motivate all of her direct reports by bringing the values she appreciated in past managers and from the overall company culture down to an individual level. She learns what projects excite and challenge each team member to help them find fulfillment in their workdays.

In 2024—along with a division name change—Julia became AVP of Growth Marketing. (Because not a lot of people actually know what “search and digital media” means. Go figure.) She looks forward to setting the vision for the department in this new role as well as having a greater voice in strategy and watching her team grow even more.

Enough about her history. Let’s talk about what makes Julia great.

What sets Julia apart isn’t just her knack for navigating the complex world of growth marketing. It’s her ability to stay ahead of the curve, always pushing us to think bigger and do better.

Under her leadership, we've hired amazing employees and seen great success in the department. Julia takes a lot of pride in KPS3 being named Best Places to Work multiple times and in her coworkers overall; she believes that finding people who she enjoys working with is the key to advancing in this field and feeling fulfilled at work. Her approach to team management is all about empathy, connection, and purpose, ensuring that every team member feels supported and every client sees success.

Give her a round of applause.

It’s been over a decade of researching, crunching numbers, building sweet spreadsheets, and forming the best team. Congratulations, Julia, on this well-deserved promotion! We’re grateful to work with you every day (and listen to you hum when you’re in the office).

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