Opioid dependency and addiction can happen to anyone and as the epidemic grew, so did the need for resources and support. DHHS and CASAT have actively worked to educate the public and make resources available for those in need.

While resources are available, it is challenging for those suffering to take the first step toward recovery since they are often consumed by the dependency. In addition, loved ones are often estranged or do not live nearby, making it difficult to assist in getting them treatment.

Rising Epidemic

  • Dependency

    In 2017, Nevada providers wrote 73 opioid prescriptions for every 100 persons.

  • Local

    In 2017, there were 412 overdose deaths involving opioids in Nevada.

  • National

    In 2017, there were more than 70,200 drug overdose deaths, 68% included an opioid.

Personal Experiences

Opioid addiction can cause chaos in a person’s life that they never imagined possible. And in the moments when hope seems lost, they may not think they can get help. 
We talked to ten Nevadans - the challenges, losses, recovery and progress that individuals were able to make guided the narrative of the campaign; ultimately creating a woven story of the occurrences in their life impacted by opioids.

Real Stories

On, visitors can view the full stories of real people: individuals in active recovery, dedicated moms, and even those at the state and non-profit organizations who see and treat opioid addiction daily.
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Available Resources provides Nevadans an easy ways to get help and find support in their community. In addition, the site provides additional resources to help with recovery.
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Building Awareness

The campaign's success was measured by connecting Nevadans in need to necessary information and resource providers. This was accomplished by launching the campaign via programmatic advertising and paid social channels, while complimenting these efforts through local public relations and outreach strategy. 

Campaign Impact

  • Paid Media

    Over 6.5 million ad impressions and over 47,000 clicks on ads to date.

  • Web Performance

    Almost 50,000 pageviews in three months.

  • Public Relations

    These stories have been picked up by 42 outlets for almost 5 million unique visitors per month (UVPM).