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Nevada Dairy Farmers

Creating a Moovement

What do Nevada Dairy Farmers and KPS3 have in common? A love for puns, for starters. We've been working with this legen-dairy organization since 2017 to bring their nutritious products and sustainable practices to the table.

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Legend-Dairy Cooking Lives

Good comes from the farm

The Nevada Dairy Farmers are a group of dedicated advocates, educators, and dairy producers who work together to promote responsible dairy farming, sustainable products, and the people and processes that make the dairy story come true from farm to table.

This brand needed to represent the hard work and dedication of Nevada dairy farm families as well as the joy and wholesomeness of dairy in a way both consumers and the community could connect with. There were several ways we made this happen.

The brand (not the hot, metal kind)

Well into our partnership, the Nevada Dairy Farmers didn’t have a brand guide—yet. We had been slowly building the brand as we went along, but hadn’t had the opportunity to put it down on paper.

In 2021, the name changed from Nevada Dairymen to Nevada Dairy Farmers to be more inclusive and better reflect who they are: farmers. The change meant updated logos and more. Since we needed to update the brand, we decided it was time to build out their guide, too.

The guidelines united all of the pieces that make the Nevada Dairy Farmers who they are, including what they do and why it’s important. We defined their mission, key pillars, target audiences, writing style (voice and tone), and foundational brand elements (logo, typeface, colors, and photography).

Bringing their story to life

A huge part of the brand is its fun and relatable personality. For years, we’ve brought the joy of dairy to the public through engaging social content, campaigns, cooking segments, farm tours, and much more. And it all started with the Dairy Doodles.

Dandy Dairy Doodles

The Dairy Doodles were developed early in our partnership with the Nevada Dairy Farmers for an annual integrated campaign. We wanted a lighthearted way to connect with families that could be enjoyed by both kids and adults. The Doodles were such a hit that they took on a life of their own (complete with their own bios) and have become one of the most beloved parts of the brand.

A whole new website

Now that we created the brand and characters to make it stand out, it was time to make sure the Nevada Dairy Farmers had a consistent and cohesive brand image across all channels—especially their website.

The original website was designed long before the brand started to take shape. While it did the job, it didn’t reflect the joyful brand we had used on social or elsewhere in the world (aka, on buses). Fortunately, we had already adjusted the structure and crafted the content. We just needed a design that showed it all off with a backend build that was easy to maintain.

The site took on a whole new look and feel, from a unique homepage to a component-driven system that allows for the straightforward addition of pages and content. We upgraded our recipe library, cooking segments, and blog to be easier to navigate. We also cleaned up the sub-page templates used for delivering the bulk of our information on the farms, nutrition, dairy in schools, and additional resources for kids, parents, and teachers.

Farm-to-table to social

Social media has been a primary way to express the brand and reach our audiences, offering a simple, yet entertaining way to share information with our local communities, as well as promote our five key pillars: brand, nutrition, taste, community, and sustainability.

Across Facebook and Instagram, we provide nutritional tips and sustainable practices on the farm to cute calf photos (a welcome interruption in your feed, we hope). With a mix of branded illustrations, photography, videos, and reels, we’ve seen the Nevada Milk audience grow significantly over the past few years.

We’ve also used social media to incorporate the Nevada Dairy Farmers into the community through Facebook Live cooking segments with local chefs. Each month, we partner with a chef to teach our audience how to create an easy and delicious dairy-based dish. The segment has been so well-received that it’s been branded as our Legend-Dairy Cooking series, complete with aprons for our chefs (with the newly designed cooking series logo) and recipes for our audiences. These interactions help highlight the locality of our dairy farmers and the importance of farm-to-table meals.

Getting to know our farmers

The more we get to know our audience, the more they want to get to know our farmers. Luckily, they love sharing what they do! In an effort to educate our audience about life on the farm, the importance of cow care, and the sustainable practices our farmers follow, we’ve spent a lot of time filming on the farm.

We’ve created Q&A videos for kids, educational videos for the classroom, and virtual tours for anyone interested in life on the farm. Our Nevada Dairy Farms are family-owned, generationally run farms. Caring for their cows and the land as well as producing safe, quality dairy is of the utmost importance to our farmers. It’s their livelihood, their family, their community—it’s everything.

Long story short

It’s hard to put into a few bullets just how much has been created, promoted, and celebrated for the Nevada Dairy Farmers. All in all, we just really love working with them... And the cows. We hope it shows.

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Defining dairy

In our five-plus year partnership, we’ve encouraged the consumption of dairy products in Nevada homes through consumer campaigns, social posts, and brand guidelines.

Characters that come to life

The Dairy Doodles were developed early-on for an annual integrated campaign. They were such a hit that they took on a life of their own (complete with their own bios) and have become one of the most engaging parts of the brand.

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Getting "dairy" social

The best way to engage with our audiences was to up Nevada Dairy Farmers’ social game. On Facebook and Instagram, we’ve had live cooking segments, nutrition tips, and cute cow candids.

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