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Finding the Right Remote Access Solution is Easy

A unicorn company was in need of a scalable, secure website that was easy to edit AND provided a lightning fast frontend experience. Would the answer be a mythical beast? No. It was a headless CMS.

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Unicorns are real

Just not in the way you’re imagining right now.

Splashtop is the leader in Remote Access and Support solutions. They’re also a unicorn company with a current valuation of over $1 billion—and they’re one of only 524 US-based companies to reach that status. Their website is their primary driver of sales, which means their site has to be a lot of things: scalable, fast, secure, and easy to navigate.

In order to develop a digital presence that could meet its expanding global client base, their new website would need to do it all:

  • Be flexible enough for the marketing teams to update site content (beautifully) without needing a dev’s help.
  • Showcase the new Splashtop brand that had just been created and solidify their place as a leader in the industry.
  • Nurture quality traffic and convert it into leads.
  • Scale. Scale. Scale.

With extensive experience in conversion-driven strategies and developing websites that scale across many countries and languages using Smartling, KPS3 had the chops to elevate Splashtop to their rightful place in the market. And so our journey began.

No stone left unturned

It was time for us to better understand our budding partnership. We buried our noses and got to work. We researched, read, and reviewed customer testimonials, analyzed competitors, conducted an SEO audit, and dug into internal marketing playbooks.

We spoke to a lot of people during our discovery phase, from customers to global Splashtop employees. Over the course of 10 interviews with Splashtop’s internal team members, we identified four shared needs and goals for every stakeholder:

  • Collaboration for teams
  • Actionable insights
  • Delight customers
  • Clean, modern design

These similarities led to our project’s Guiding Principles of security, great customer service, flexible and reliable solutions, and making it easy. All of this information set us up for what we’d accomplish over the next three phases.

Diving into design

We already knew Splashtop’s solutions and customer service blew competitors out of the water—and they wanted more to show for it. Sure, they had the G2 reviews and testimonials to prove it. But their site wasn’t aligned with their modern software. To show that Splashtop was on the forefront of cutting-edge technology, they needed a clean and visually striking design that resonated with current as well as future audiences.

It wasn’t as easy as saying, “Make it look clean and cool.” Large-scale websites have a lot of pieces to consider. On one level, we define the basics; think typographic or color systems. On another, we create large blocks that will be used to build out the majority of the site’s content. All of these elements help keep everything consistent.

One of the goals when building the Splashtop design system was to create a clean, easy-to-scan user interface. This was primarily done with strategic use of color. We needed a system that creates a predictable pattern on how the site is scanned without making the visuals look stale. That’s why we evolved this site’s design to include visual accent patterns as well as color variations. As you can see, most of the Splashtop website is composed of light-colored elements: lots of white with subtle variations between sections and containers, headlines in bold or dark colors to quickly scan relevant information, and pops of blue to emphasize specific elements and initiate action.

We extrapolated the new brand to perform and live in a digital environment by creating unique textural and background elements that paired well with friendly photography. All of these pieces highlight what makes Splashtop a great partner for their clients: simplicity and the power of a human touch.

Not to toot our own horn, but the interactive homepage design is pretty slick. (Don’t just take our word for it—Shannon Atwell, Splashtop’s Director of Demand Generation, also thinks it’s a 10 out of 10.)

More than just a pretty face

Err, website… But you get what we mean.

It was important to create an aesthetically pleasing website that was secure, informational, and high-functioning (for both internal teams and customers). To do this, we implemented a totally new, modern tech stack.

Contentful - a headless CMS - boasts features that enable a variety of custom workflows and content editors that now control various areas of the website that previously weren’t, well, controllable. With content separated from the website, the editing process is simpler, and we ensure content can be used across apps and integrations within the organization as it scales.

Gatsby leverages data from Contentful to build the website (including all languages and translations) into a blazing fast and incredibly secure website that can be edited at any time. Using incremental deployments, Gatsby Cloud makes quick, targeted updates behind the scenes without having to rebuild the entire site each time. Hello, streamlined publishing process.

Speaking of languages and regions, we also integrated Contentful with Smartling to support Splashtop’s global customer base. Content editors can request translations on pages, which then get sent to Smartling to be translated by either a machine or by a human expert in the desired language. Once the translations are ready, they’re automatically published to Contentful and displayed on the website in the appropriate areas.

The website is full of custom functionality built on top of Contentful and Gatsby. We’re talking about dynamic links and prices, personalization by region, A/B testing, and HubSpot integration for both gated and non-gated content.

The numbers don’t lie

Our SEO efforts began with a huge audit that outlined which pages to keep or delete, created redirects, and provided assistance for custom URL tracking. Every step of the project, we partnered with the Splashtop team to build and implement SEO strategies that eliminated bloat from the website and got them to their end goal.

And, in the end, we had a lot to show for our work together. We distilled the data in an easily digestible Looker Studio Report that offered Splashtop the first real look into how their website was performing from a high-level, holistic perspective.

Long story short

This fresh new website is the epitome of collaboration—and it represents our true partnership with Splashtop. We continue to work hand in hand to develop and grow this site into a tool that meets the teams' and audiences' ever-evolving needs.

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The customer is king

Splashtop is a leader in Remote Access and Support solutions with world-class customer service. To appeal to global audiences, we needed to understand what was working and what could be improved. We spoke to a looot of people to identify this project’s Guiding Principles.  Once we had this foundation, we set off.

A little goes a long way

One burning desire Splashtop’s team had was to lean into a clean, modern design. (Take a look, then come back.) Textural elements, plenty of open space, and human-centric photography add to the visual appeal. This is simplicity at its finest.

Time to make waves

Building a new website means translating a brand into the digital world. Splashtop’s stakeholders wanted a site that felt cutting-edge and modern while offering better frontend and editing capabilities. So, we gave them a brand new tech stack.

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