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The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Our mission? To bring the new Givelify brand to life through the design and development of a modern website that transforms organizations into customers and advocates. The status? Mission accomplished.

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So, what’s the deal?

Givelify came to us with a desire to not just be another national giving site, but instead become THE leading giving platform. Their previous growth had been driven by focusing within faith-based organizations, and they were ready to scale to a larger audience, which meant they needed a solution that could scale with them and better tell this larger, more impactful story.

Givelify was well underway with an internally-led rebrand. With the basic brand foundation created, they wanted our help bringing it to life and extending it both digitally and traditionally. Our goal was to help better define the design system and collaborate with their team on how the new system could be used at scale.

A unique problem to solve

How do you create a website that can successfully convert new businesses to use the platform as well as help normal people download the application and find organizations to give to? That’s what Givelify asked us to help them solve. We needed to unite their audiences and meet everyone’s needs with the new website. After all, most sites are either B2B or B2C. Combining pathways in a cohesive way is not a common request—but it's a fun challenge.

We started addressing this problem by enhancing Givelify’s site functionality and features, promoting how many organizations people could give to (and just how easy it was to become one of those organizations!), and adjusting their Information Architecture (IA).

Interpreting the new brand in design

There were many ways we could interpret Givelify’s new brand, especially as a brand made for the digital space. A large portion of our work together was spent on design exploration, really working to explore how the brand could breathe new life in a digital environment. We wireframed and explored multiple pathways, interpretations, and styles to test what would resonate best with both the audience and the client.

Kudos to Chris Whitefield and Winny Yuen of the Givelify team for developing the awesome product brand visuals and illustrations we were able to use throughout this process!

The humanist UI

We wanted to highlight the simplicity of their product—a key reason why giving is so easy on it—while maintaining the humanist characteristics of the rebrand. Combining those allowed us to design a unique asset style that emphasizes various important features without losing sight of the most important part: This product impacts people for the better.

The Givelify team is able to scale this system throughout a myriad of products and create new assets that all feel cohesive.

Showing their giving footprint

Of course, we wanted users and organizations alike to be as blown away by Givelify’s footprint as we were. How could we do that? Well, we started by showing users how large Givelify was and how many organizations were already on their platform (over 55,000). Through a handful of features, we were able to show that. Here’s a closer look:

  • We revamped their search for an organization that’s sticky and always present for anyone.
  • Multiple map and header components tied in real-time giving statistics and animations.
  • We promoted some of their largest customers plus their impacts with a reimagined Stories of Good campaign.

Give the businesses what they want

Givelify’s previous site didn’t focus on features of their platform in a succinct or clear way, which deterred potential users. We revamped the IA to include more pages geared towards businesses that honed in on specific areas of the product that were unique. This led to improved user journeys from platform and solution pages to conversion.

We also distinguished CTAs site-wide for better clarity on how Givelify benefited users versus organizations.

The more, the merrier

Givelify also wanted to engage more with potential talent. The website has the power to inspire those who are passionate about doing more good—and doing so at Givelify. To further their hiring efforts, we partnered with their internal team to create the appropriate content.

Long story short

Givelify is a prime example of our component-driven process, giving marketing teams the power to create beautiful landing pages without development support. For Givelify, we created interactive features (like a real-time donation feed) and scalable assets that can be repurposed again and again.

Giving back feels great—and we’re happy to have reimagined Givelify’s website to make it look equally as great.

Special thanks

The Givelify team was so helpful and collaborative throughout the process we can't help but mention them by name. Huge props to everyone involved throughout the process!

JW Kim, Project Lead
Chris Whitefield, Product Creative Direction
Kendal Richer, Brand Creative Direction
Winnie Yuen, Illustration & Design
Ree Chen, Designer

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Bob Whitefield
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Elijah Woelbing
Jonathan Rutheiser
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Thomas Kohler
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Vivek Bhardwaj
Vy Tat

Expanding a community of advocates

Strategy and design helped Givelify expand their reach for all audiences. We collaborated with them to refine their B2B audience, improve B2C messaging, and scale hiring initiatives.

Inspired design moving us into action

Givelify was one of our best component-driven projects. (We might be a little biased, but you can see why.) Our creative and dev teams created interactive features (like a real-time donations feed) and scalable assets that can be repurposed.

Built for the digital age

How’d we prove Givelify isn’t just another donation site, but THE national giving platform? Simple: by building out their tone and brand guidelines to boost their digital presence.

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