We only have three rules:

Be excellent. Be bold.
Never be finished.

We build brands and create technology that move people to action.

We don't fit the mold. A marketing company, a PR firm, a digital agency - none are quite enough. We create brands and advertising campaigns for companies and organizations across the nation. We build enterprise-level web and mobile applications. We handle crisis communications for clients we can't mention. And we are able to do it all because we have smart, dedicated and well-researched professionals who like debates, data, human psychology and the unexplored.

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Our Clients

Here's a sampling of the brands we're currently working with:



Clever for the sake of being clever. Edgy for the sake of being edgy. We do none of that. What we produce is only justified by the research. It’s smart, action-oriented work that passes the test of focus groups, committees and cognitive studies -- and delivers results.

Web and Digital


Enterprise web applications, e-commerce platforms, mobile apps. PHP, ASP.NET, Ektron, WordPress, drupal -- if it can live on a server, we can build it. And thanks to our 23 years of marketing experience, we think about the user experience just as much as the technical solution.

Public Relations


Good advice based on solid strategy is what helps our clients control tough situations, build lasting connections with the media and garner valuable earned-media opportunities. We also develop fun and engaging social media programs, and create SEO-robust content marketing programs that support our clients’ overall marketing efforts.



Brands live and breathe in the wild. They take up residence in consumers’ minds. They are ripped apart or praised online, at dinner tables and in the media. And while we can’t always control the nature of the brand, we can help mold the conversation. We ensure that what we bring to life in your brand is based on consumers, and that it’s consistent, powerful and true.

Research and Strategic Planning


Informed decisions are the only kind we like to make. It’s a chain reaction: research spawns strategic planning, strategy spawns successful campaign development and implementation, and informed decisions come full circle when post-campaign research tells us what worked, what didn’t and how to adjust. Research makes us better. Period.

Healthcare Marketing


Good work starts with something to believe in, and we believe in giving people the tools and the power to live healthier lives as well as helping organizations reach and impact their target markets. Our brand and communications work has helped clients across the country. As a full-service agency, KPS3 has built brands, digital products, crisis communications strategies, research studies and programs for public health agencies, health insurance companies, state health insurance exchanges, hospitals and emergency medical services organizations.

Education Marketing


The future rides on the shoulders of our students, our educators and our school systems. We believe that a mix of intelligent technology and focused strategy can give them the edge needed for success. From building education software that engages and motivates better students to showing Nevadans that everyone can and should have the opportunity to go to college, we like to believe our work helps create better citizens. KPS3 has worked with K-12 schools, and public and private higher education institutions, from community colleges to tier-one universities, and even encourage our own team members to continually further their education. KPS3 is truly a partner in education.