We Made You a Mixtape

We Made You a Mixtape

Not really. But, it’s Valentine’s Day. And we did curate a soundtrack to all of our client relationships.

On a day that many of us tend to focus on romance, chocolate, and how to smoothly open a bottle of wine (we’re still practicing), it got us thinking – what really is at the core of this holiday? Well, it’s simple, it’s relationships. It’s about celebrating the ones that built us, surround us, and more often than not, have made us better.

We have our family relationships, those who have raised us and supported us through the good and the bad. We have incredibly diverse relationships with friends who influence us, humble us, and make us laugh until we cry. We have our partners—both romantic and in business—who help us face challenges and opportunities, that are there no matter what life decides to put in front of us. But our business relationships—the ones we interact with the most—colleagues and clients that challenge us to think, to create, and to never be finished; they’re a special kind of breed that make KPS3, well, KPS3.

We know that each relationship has different stages, no matter what kind, and at each stage, we evolve into something new. Maybe we know how you like your coffee? Maybe we know how much you prefer Google Meet over Zoom, or maybe, we know exactly what time to send you the perfect Valentine’s Day email to express our relationship with you through song.

Take On Me

Take on Me | a-ha

So, you swiped right. This could be the start of something great. Our first few meetings together. We just met you, and this is crazy, but how about working with us, maybe? We put on real pants. We use the beautifying filter. We laugh nervously. We highlight some of our best work and find what we have in common.

Did we hit it off? Let’s make it real and post on LinkedIn. We want the world to know.

What I Like About You

What I Like About You | The Romantics

You really know how to dance. It’s LinkedIn official. We finally kickoff and talk about the things that are ahead of us. Our future! We get to meet your full team, and you get to meet ours. (We really hope Sue from Accounting doesn’t make any awkward invoice jokes.)  We share with you what we need to be successful, and you tell us what you want to achieve. The road looks bright!

In the last few months, we’ve been lucky to get here with amazing new clients: Stellar, DENNIS Uniform, NutraMedix, PeopleGrove, LP Insurance, Kaleris, Sky Tavern, and Teampay to name a few.

Put a Ring On It

(Put a Ring on It) | Beyonce

We start to finish each other’s sentences. We know who likes Coke, who likes coffee, and those who like something a little stronger.
(Remember when meetings weren’t all virtual?) We don’t just guess any of this, either. It’s because we listen. We have a few projects under our belt together; we’ve worked together for over a year. We’ve committed to a few new projects. We’ve hit the deadlines. We’ve built trust. We want to stick with you for the long haul.

Over the past few years, we’ve had some great work come about with even greater clients, like Haws, Santa Maria Valley, Abrigo, Sovos, Maddie’s Fund, Mismo, McKesson, Visit Carson City, Zego, and many, many more (check out Our Greatest Hits).

Happy Together

Happy Together | The Turtles

Tried and true, but never stagnant. We’re dedicated to keeping the honeymoon phase alive! We look back at what we were and are proud of what we’ve become. We’re the relationship people admire, like the old couple that still holds hands in the park (metaphorically, of course). We’ve been through countless projects together. We’ve gone through different administrations. Different economies. We’ve made each other better. And there’s no one else we’d rather work with. You know the real us, and we know the real you.

We’ve been able to share this unique bond with clients whom we’ve worked with for over 10 years, some clients over 20—here’s lookin’ at you REMSA, Children’s Cabinet, Dickson Realty, SCATS, National Council of Juvenile and Family Judges, Dermody Properties, Moana Nursery, United Way (just to name a few).

Keep on Loving You

Keep on Loving You | REO Speedwagon

Sure, for some of our clients, we’ve had to part ways, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped cheering you on! We embrace the fact that it’s better to have loved and lost, rather than not have loved at all. Projects get completed. Campaigns come to a close. New CMOs get hired. Companies change direction. But, no matter what, our past work together is something we’ll always remember fondly, and something we’re really proud of.

And we meant every word that we said, when we said that we’d love you forever Nevada Secretary of State, Nevada Health Link, and RSCVA!

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