The 2021 Reno ADDY Awards

This past year every organization – no matter where you worked or what you did – evolved and adapted to take on new challenges it had never faced before. We grew stronger and yet had to become more flexible. We, as a marketing community, all adjusted to a new environment and new demands, all amidst new challenges, which produced some stellar work across northern Nevada.

The 2021 Reno ADDY Awards recognizes the work that stood out in the community. This year, the award show was held virtually in the comfort of our own homes, slippers, and homemade cocktails in hand. KPS3 was honored to have a few of our clients recognized at the event.

So, it is my pleasure to highlight the handful of KPS3 projects that were recognized at the event:

The Nevada Secretary of State

In order to protect the health and safety of Nevadans and slow the spread of COVID-19, the Nevada Secretary of State partnered with 17 Nevada counties and moved to conduct a mail-in vote for June’s primary election. The goal of the Mail It In, Nevada campaign was to create awareness of the mail-in election and educate Nevadans on how to cast their vote by mail.

Reno ADDY Recognition

  • BEST OF SHOW | Internet Commercial Campaign | Mail It In, Nevada
  • GOLD | Internet Commercial Campaign | Mail It In, Nevada
  • GOLD | Film, Video, & Sound – Television | Steve // Mail It In, Nevada
  • GOLD | Cross Platform – Integrated Brand Identity Campaign | Mail It In, Nevada

District Recognition

  • SILVER | Internet Commercial Campaign | Mail It In, Nevada
  • SILVER | Film, Video, & Sound – Television | Steve // Mail It In, Nevada
  • SILVER | Cross Platform – Integrated Brand Identity Campaign | Mail It In, Nevada
Mail It In, Nevada

Nevada WIC

Nevada WIC (Nevada Women, Infants, and Children) helps Nevada families to be strong, healthy, happy, and independent. They provide Nevada women, infants, and children with both health and nutritional education, breastfeeding support services, supplemental nutritious foods, and referrals to health and social services.

Nevada WIC


Zego drives engagement and efficiency across residential real estate communities with its SaaS platform. From payments and utilities to communications and smart devices, Zego delivers portfolio-wide efficiency, higher net operating income, and more engaged residents.


Magnusson Institute

Magnusson Institute is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to inform and empower people to defend their privacy and protect their information. The goal is to start moving the proverbial needle back into control of the consumer.

  • SILVER | Integrated Brand Identity Campaign
Magnusson Institute

Thank you to the AAF Reno for putting on this annual event. Cheers to our clients who were recognized at this year’s ADDYs.  And kudos to all the great work and the positive impacts we’ve seen this year across our northern Nevada marketing community.

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