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One-Day Externship

This is KPS3’s one-day externship program. Think of it as a crash course for anyone looking to better understand how a marketing agency works. Those chosen to enroll in the program will have a planning session with their new KPS3 “co-worker” to better understand what they are looking to get out of the day. This will be followed up with a full day of shadowing and will end with a one-hour group Q&A session with all of the participants and a few extra KPS3 folks to answer any follow-up questions.

This program is offered twice a year and is open to anyone looking to get into the Advertising and Marketing industry.

That’s it.

Setting the Stage

You should expect...

Expect to have a real day-in-the-life. Expect to be with someone who genuinely cares about helping you. Expect to get all of your questions answered and to have a good time with some great people. You may just watch someone design a logo all day or be in back to back to back to back status meetings. Whatever experience you end up getting will be real, and it will be with someone who is interested in helping you.

You shouldn't expect...

Don’t expect to get credits, to get hired on the spot (I mean, it could happen, but probably not), or to leave with anything epic for your portfolio.


Our next externship is taking place January 26, 2024! Applications have closed for January, but if you have any questions, please reach out to our team.

If you would like to be notified when our One-Day Externship sign-ups begin for our June session, please complete this form.

Did we just become best friends?

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