Shayna Gaedtke

Human Resources Manager

An HR professional with a passion for woodworking, art and anything outside.

Shayna Gaedtke joined the KPS3 team in 2021 as our human resources manager, bringing with her a love for helping people and a ton of experience working in fast-paced environments.

Creative, considerate and silly in all the best kinds of ways, Shayna is a welcome addition to the KPS3 team and collaborates across the entire agency working with managers on their job openings, interviewing potential new hires, onboarding new KPS3ers, helping out employees with their day-to-day human resources and benefits needs and assisting the director of operations with monthly client billing. All the while making sure the team is running around with their heads tightly screwed on.

Born and raised in Lynnwood, Washington, Shayna quickly grew up to love the lush greenery and outdoor adventure that the Pacific Northwest had to offer. Later moving to Medford, Oregon for a few years to finish out high school before heading to Reno to begin college. Shayna focused her efforts on obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resources.

Before heading over to KPS3, Shayna earned her stripes in the fast-paced HR departments at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa and John Ascuaga’s Nugget. Casino life afforded her the opportunity to gain a breadth of experience in all aspects of HR very quickly. Juggling a number of responsibilities such as applicant interviews, recruiting, onboarding, employee benefits and the like, Shayna is excited to hit the ground running and start putting her HR skills to work.

A creative at heart, Shayna also began a business called, “Dabblish,” in 2016 that just so happened to be on the ground floor of KPS3. Her workshop collaborated with people and companies to build custom signage, unique artwork, corporate and personal gifts and more. While she’s excited to get back to her HR roots, she is so grateful for the work and relationships she created over the years through Dabblish.

When Shayna’s not helping KPS3 run as smoothly as possible, you’ll find her exploring the outdoors, knitting, or spending time snuggled up with her two Brittany Spaniels, Georgia and Shaw, her two beautiful kids, Carter and Hailey, and her husband, Rob.