Lauren Davis

Public Relations Manager

An adventurous (she’s a public speaker after all) wordsmith with a can’t-knock-me-down kind of spirit

When you first meet Lauren, there are a few things you just simply can’t miss: her magnetic spirit, lively energy, and insatiable lust for life. If traveling to approximately 34 countries after getting her communications degree doesn’t prove that, we have a ton more for you that will.

A leader, a phenomenal public speaker, a cool cucumber in crisis, and a lover of all things writing, Lauren gravitated to KSP3 because to her, we felt human. She felt we matched her energy and enthusiasm for creating content, supporting clients, and that her passion for working with people and businesses on perception, reputation, and essentially, whittling down a stream of consciousness into one solid idea, was something we could expertly cultivate and do together. We couldn’t be happier to have such a dynamic public relations manager join our team.

While travel will always be one of her many pastimes, big cities eventually lost their magic. After four years at an international training and development company, she made her way back to the base of her favorite mountains—Gardnerville, Nevada—to spend more time with her husband, Josh (“…the smartest, most versatile, and capable human being I know”). From there, she went to Microsoft and later Panasonic Energy of North America (PENA), where she quite literally wore all the hats. From communications, PR, and project management to executing large-scale events and launching PENA’s communications department (from scratch might we add), she knew that PR was where she felt the most passionate.

Some of her proudest moments include:

  1. Executing an event at the Gigafactory between Tesla and Panasonic—yes, Elon was on the guest list—for everyone including executive leaders and employees.
  2. Single-handedly implementing Panasonic’s first large-scale, multi-night, semi-formal company winter event at the Peppermill with only 4 weeks’ notice for upwards of a thousand attendees.
  3. Earning Panasonic’s prestigious ‘U.S. Co. President’s Award’ for working tirelessly on daily communications for the PENA audience throughout 2020, all while pregnant… and tired. All day. Every day.
  4. Keeping on pace and totally loving a speedy downhill mountain bike ride with some highly-skilled hobbyist and professional racer friends. (Her and Ricky Bobby have a lot in common, they “…wanna go fast.”)

Lauren’s the type of person who will always go to bat for you. She loves problem-solving, she’s always up for an adventure, especially if it’s something new, and she’ll never shy away from a challenge—like jumping at the opportunity to chase bears away from her property with her husband in the shadows of the night—it gives her a sort of John Wick-kind of thrill. She also loves to be a source of inspiration; Lauren is driven to discover a solution and strives to see the positive despite any bad situation.

When she’s not motivating teammates at KPS3, she’s with her husband, daughter, and son—Josh, Reagan, and Remington—enjoying the great outdoors and enjoying each other. Don’t ask her to cook though—she’ll burn it. Every time.