Julia Jones

Director of SEO & Digital Media

Bibliophile, Oxford comma enthusiast, and KPS3 fantasy football champion.

Julia joined KPS3 in 2011. She is an owner and director of search & digital media. She works closely with the team to develop SEO and digital media strategies that integrate with our clients’ marketing and PR initiatives and help them achieve their business goals. She also ensures that all of our marketing efforts – be they traditional or digital – are tracked and measured in the best possible way.

Julia’s passion for data (and a more unsettling passion for the Muppets) exudes through the office. On a typical day, Julia can be found wearing her Kermit the Frog headphones, singing to herself, and working furiously on anything from keyword research to digital media analysis. There is also a good chance a cup of coffee will be nearby.

A Reno, Nev. native, Julia absconded with her one true love, Mark Twain, to Washington and graduated from the University of Puget Sound with her B.A. in English Literature, an experience that helped her hone her (nearly superhuman) critical thinking, analytic, and writing skills. More recently, she earned her MBA (which she believes to be an equally useful but much less fun degree).

In 2012, she co-founded Reno Wired with fellow KPS3’ers Jenna Hubert and Kevin Jones. She also spent eight years assisting the Domestic Violence Resource Center as a member of their Board of Directors

Julia finds inspiration in strong women (the stronger, the better), libraries (public and iTunes alike) and handwritten notes (preferably those found on the inside of a used book). She’s fueled by good coffee, great books, and the burning desire to win an at-home cook-off (we’re still pulling for you, Julia).