Elijah Woelbing

Front End Developer

A passionate climber, backpacker, gamer, and lover of programming books

Elijah Woelbing joined the KPS3 team in 2021 as a web developer bringing with him a love for problem-solving and building reliable, maintainable, creative, and extendable applications across a wide variety of industries.

Curious, empathetic, and inventive, Elijah is a dedicated (and completely self-taught we might add) web developer and programmer proficient in several programming languages with a knack for picking up new languages in just a little under a week or two. Here at KPS3, Elijah plans on using his skills to build websites that offer a fantastic user experience, and if that means he gets to add a new programming language to his repertoire, he’s definitely up for the challenge (programming books are kind of his guilty pleasure).

Originally from Chico, California, Elijah has spent most of his professional career working in a few pretty awesome locations—like Yosemite National Park, Glacier Park, and Steamboat Springs—just to name a few. An avid rock climber, when he’s not training for his next route outside, you’ll usually find him at the Mesa Rim Climbing Gym, skiing, backpacking, or playing a few of his favorite video games when he gets the chance.

As a person who brings an unrivaled passion to virtually everything he does, it’s no surprise that his go-to reads are mostly climbing or programming-related. When he’s not working on bringing beautiful designs and applications to life (or reading about how to make them even better), Elijah enjoys watching Bob’s Burgers, Seinfeld, Adventure Time, listening to the “Stuff You Should Know” podcast, or jamming out to Dr. Dog, Modest Mouse, and the Mountain Goats.