Danielle Longley

Account Director

There’s nothing Danielle enjoys more after a long day than a glass of wine and Friends reruns.

Danielle joined the KPS3 crew as an account director in 2018, bringing with her over eight years of marketing experience. When she’s not in our offices communicating with clients and managing their projects to perfection, you can find her out on a run with her fellow “Cardio Crew” members or enjoying some fresh air with her favorite four-legged friend, a labradoodle named Clyde.  

Danielle earned her B.A. in journalism from the University of Nevada in 2011, graduating Summa Cum Laude. Prior to joining KPS3, Danielle worked as a communications specialist for the University Study Abroad Consortium (USAC)—functioning as a marketing manager for 54 study-abroad programs worldwide and having a hand in everything from printed collateral to digital campaigns to analytical reporting. Prior to her role with USAC, Danielle sharpened her skills at both traditional and digital agencies in Reno—working with clients in an array of industries, including healthcare, gaming, hospitality, travel, and education.

Danielle’s big-picture approach combined with her keen eye for detail allow her to manage every aspect of our clients’ projects in a comprehensive—and balanced—way (though, if you ask her, all credit goes to her to-do lists). A fan of storytelling in all forms, she enjoys everything from Broadway musicals to best-selling books and can never resist a good drama (pass the popcorn). Danielle’s been known to share a killer Spotify playlist or two with her coworkers, and—while she’s a self-declared fitness junkie—she strives for balance in her life in the form of a great slice of pizza, or two, and cold pint of beer (cheers to that).