Our Greatest Hits

Our Greatest Hits

We’ve put together a little somethin’ that highlights some of our favorite memories over the last year (give or take). It’s been a wild ride, lots of ups and downs, and a lot more Zoom calls than we would have ever expected (who had ‘pandemic’ on their bingo card?).

Through it all, we’ve had a pretty prolific year of banging out the hits. We’re lucky to get to work with some of the best clients and some of the greatest people we could ask for. We’ve got a whole lotta red-hot burnin’ love for you all, and we’re ready to take on whatever gets thrown at us next.

Love the reel? Well, we made you a mixtape, too. We really went all out this year.

Our Thoughts

The 2021 Reno ADDY Awards

This past year every organization – no matter where you worked or what you did – evolved and adapted to take on new challenges it had never faced before. We grew stronger and yet had to become more flexible. We, as a marketing community, all adjusted to a new environment and new demands, all amidst new challenges, which produced some stellar work across northern Nevada. The 2021 Reno ADDY Awards recognizes the work that stood out in the community....

How “I Never Thought…” Connected the Story Behind Opioid Use in Nevada

Across the United States, 130 people will die each day of an opioid overdose (CDC, 2018). Opioids make your brain and body believe the drug is necessary for survival which leads those who use them quickly down the path of addiction. Over the past 20 years, the number of opioid prescriptions, and overdose deaths, have quadrupled (CDC, 2017). Whether you’ve personally been affected or know someone that has, the opioid crisis is nothing short of a national crisis. In...

The Wonderful, Wonderful Contradiction of Employee Retention

There is real beauty in contradiction… being radically responsible or pleasantly candid or quietly confident. Contradiction is a way of breaking the rules, and I love that. It keeps life spicy. It ensures we’re not just going through the motions without looking up every now and then to say, Hey, is the rulebook we’ve been taught to play by actually working? And when it comes to employee retention, we happen to think the rulebook is a joke. Over my...