Rob Gaedtke Named CEO of KPS3

And the good news keeps rollin’… Stephanie named Rob CEO of KPS3. Stephanie will continue her work as president and chairperson of the board, and Rob will be responsible for the day-to-day management of KPS3 and our 30-person team. Stephanie will maintain her intense involvement with clients, providing overall marketing and communications strategy.

Since rejoining our team in 2011, Rob has provided the vision and leadership that has grown our digital and creative teams into the forces they are today. And as one of our shareholders, he has taken on the additional responsibilities that this announcement now bestows upon him. We are thrilled to make it official.

Rob joined KPS3 as a designer in 2004 before joining One To One Interactive (previously Twelve Horses) in 2007, where he served as account director leading the travel and tourism practice, One to One Travel. Rob graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno, where he received his bachelor’s degree in journalism with an emphasis in advertising and a minor in marketing.

Learn more about our new CEO here.

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