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Frances Ellenberger
Senior Designer


Art history and fantasy-genre lover who will make your eyes tear up from laughing so hard

Becoming a designer seemed like a natural evolution for Frances Ellenberger’s passion (and formal education) in art history. She was inspired early on by her grandmother, who was a fabulous painter. At four, Frances started taking art classes; it wasn’t until 16 that she started regularly visiting museums with friends. She largely dabbles in digital art, pastels, and charcoal.

As a person who creates artwork that makes a big impact, it should come as no surprise that Frances makes a big impact at work, too. She’s the type of coworker who never fails to make you laugh—coming out of nowhere with a random Slack message talking about her Timothee Chalamet Halloween costume (true story) or venting about a movie’s cast, and it will make you spit your coffee out every time. Where does Frances get this universal sense of humor? It could be her innate quality to push boundaries. Or her ability to stay open to all ideas. Regardless, it’s definitely something you’ll benefit from.

Funny, independent, and highly organized, Frances earned her bachelor’s degree in art history from the University of California, Santa Cruz and her associate’s in graphic design from Portland Community College. She worked at Santa Cruz Seaside Company and then Work & Co. in Portland as a designer, later making her way to the Biggest Little City, where she took a position at Beacon Media + Marketing. We welcomed Frances to the KPS3 team in 2021.

With all her experience, Frances has never come across a marketing problem she wasn’t able to solve with a creative design. There also hasn’t been a fantasy novel/show/artpiece that she hasn’t liked. Her most recent obsessions are Dune and House of The Dragons (yup, even after the disappointment Game of Thrones left her with after its final season).

Frances feels most at peace when she’s lounging around with her friends (which makes her late to the thing they were supposed to be at). She also enjoys staying active—from hiking and swimming to Tracy Anderson’s crazy workouts—before sitting down at her computer for the workday. You can also find her walking her chihuahua-pinscher mix, Evie… until she gets too tired and Frances ends up pushing her in a stroller.

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