Lunch. Ideas. Innovation.

What do you do when you need help with a project? Maybe you need a fresh set of eyes on your client’s campaign? Or ideas for a new brand name? At KPS3, we are lucky to have a team of talented and diverse marketeers on hand and ready to help whenever someone needs a little inspiration. And we know that to fuel that inspiration, nothing is better than a delicious lunch to go with it.

At KPS3 we call this, Ideasaurus. A big name for fun and engaging monthly get-togethers where we hang out over lunch and discuss whatever project or topic one of our fellow KPS3ers (and their clients) needs help with. What’s even better is this is an added value for our clients to put more brain power into their business.

From naming avatars for a campaign, coming up with PR stunts and giveaway ideas, helping develop catchy social media messages and hashtags, renaming a campaign and even helping optimize a client’s website’s navigation, the topics we cover are endless. Not only are we able to brainstorm ideas, but we are also able to learn more about the awesome projects our other teammates are working on.

After the topic and the task to solve is introduced, the rules of Ideasuarus are simple:

  1. There are no bad ideas.
  2. Every idea or suggestion is written down and considered.
  3. Bring your appetite.

You never know what might work now or in the future for a client, project or a campaign so it’s always best to take every suggestion! And good food helps feed the creative juices and the best ideas. So every Ideasaurus is catered by a different local restaurant — thanks to our PR guru and self-proclaimed foodie, Chrisie Yabu.

Our first Ideasaurus was coming up with the name of the lunchtime sesh itself. The team got together and everyone was able to throw out name ideas. Some of the original names considered were: Off the Cuff, Brain Cuisine, Idea Island, The Drop Off, Madcap, and of course, Ideasaurus — the eventual winner by a majority vote. You could say that Ideasaurus was Ideasaurus’d.

When you have a room full of great minds with diverse and varied backgrounds discussing a topic, the ideas are limitless. We are lucky enough to have an exceptional team of innovative designers, digital dynamos, savvy project managers, public relations experts and so many more that make up the KPS3 team. And when we get together to solve a problem or help a teammate out, the outcomes can be fun, creative and inventive all thanks to the varied backgrounds and perspectives the team brings.

So the next time you are stuck on a project and need a little inspiration, why not ask for a little help from your friends? Especially if you are lucky enough to have a team of smart, dedicated, professionals available for lunch.

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